Romney Rising Tonight

Tonight, Mr. Romney will face off against the President in the second of three Presidential Debates.

There is no doubt that the pressure will be turned up on both candidates.  Mr. Obama needs to have a successful performance to instill confidence back into the wandering eyes of independent voters. 

What Mr. Romney really needs is not only another dominant performance, but a litany of sound bites highlighting why Obama’s term is up.  In essence, he would be well-served by a moment in which he turns to the President and all at once declares that Mr. Obama had four years and a Congressional Super-majority and failed to turn things around.  Romney did this last time, but he didn’t unleash.  He needs to go on.  What’s worse is that the President has nothing on the table except a promise to hire more teachers and broaden our energy investments until 2016.  The American people aren’t going to wait that long. 

Romney also needs to approach members of the audience in answering their questions.  He needs to glance back at the President and admit that while the President is a nice guy, with the purest of intentions, he is simply not up to the job he is asking to be hired for.  He should tell voters that we don’t resent him and we appreciate his efforts but we just simply can’t afford to go on with him.   

Mr. Romney, must know that if the election were held today, he still would lose a little over 300 electoral votes to the President.  Thus, Romney will have to come hard and fast.

In the last debate, Mr. Romney allowed the President to put him on defense very early on.  Tonight will be worse.  Mr. Romney will be pummeled with the 47%, Bain Capital, GM Bankruptcy and the Caiman Islands.  He could also be hit with the war on women, the new house he is building, his hard-line stance on immigration or recent re-transformation on abortion legislation. 

He is going to have to be ready.  He will face a braver and more confident Obama.  He will have to be able to quickly play defense, a skill he has proved extremely adept at while pivoting back onto the President.  Tonight is make or remain stagnant, which is break for Romney.  Make or break.    

See you at 9 pm.