Todd Akin Must Go

This weekend, Representative Todd Akin’s commented that a woman’s body shuts down when she is legitimately raped and that this prevents pregnancy from occurring.  It wasn’t wise and it showed the same scientific ignorance that most pro-aborts usually flaunt.  Now the Democrat media is gleefully excited about taking him out.

There are three realities surrounding Akin’s comments and three reasons why he needs to drop out.

First, 100% pro-life politicians like Akin should be praised for not carving out exceptions to the taking of innocent human life.  With that being said, no interest group is more of a leper in national politics than pro-lifers.  Our leaders have to recognize that.  I support 1,000% any Congressmen or Senate candidate that wants to co-sponsor a bill to protect life in all possible circumstances, but if we have a legislator that doesn’t understand what he is asking of rape victims, we might want someone carrying the mantle who can better articulate the message.  Because we are the leper movement of the Republican party even, we must be disciplined, scientific and smart.  Akin was none of these things and his continued presence discredits the movement.

Second, Akin will now likely lose the race.  Politicians are all ambitious.  Akin must realize that he is no longer on the fast track to being the next U.S. Senator from Missouri.  Even if Missouri was a vacuum, the outside spending that Dem groups are going to throw into this race now is going to be unimaginable.  Rove is pulling out.  Donors are pulling out.  He has today to pull out and retire to civilian life.  For the good of the conservative and pro-life movement Akin must get out.

Third, Akin, co-sponsored a legitimate pro-life bill with Paul Ryan that will now be deemed illegitimate by his “legitimate rape” comment.  I won’t lose any sleep over Romney losing the White House, he was never equipped to defeat Obama, but I don’t want to see Paul Ryan sullied over some B-List candidate’s gaffe. 

By asking Akin to step aside, we aren’t turning on our own as much as we are circling the wagons around Ryan.  Akin should get out.  McCaskill could still be defeated by another Missourian and not drag down the ticket with him.

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