Conservatives must become more progressive

As we attempt to take back the country after four disastrous years of Obama, movement conservatives are thinking past winning the election.  They are thinking of repeal and replace.  They are thinking of reformation of the tax code, eliminating abortion subsidies and the Department of Education. 

But this type of conservative change in 2012, 2016 or beyond is going to take a new approach by conservative activists and legislators.  Countering the Obama change is going to take big, progressive, thinking.

Not progressive in the left-leaning sense.  But we are going to need to take a page out of the progressive playbook.  On the left, liberals are, by definition, big thinkers.  They are seeking big change and they want it quickly.  They want to remake the country in this image or that.  They want big bridges and big programs.  Every generation of progressive politicians has sought to quickly achieve change by any means necessary.  Whether it was broadening the federal government’s authority through war, packing the Court, or breaking Senate rules to pass a healthcare bill through a budgetary maneuver, theirs is a movement that plays to draw blood and they play to win.

Every. Single. Progressive president in the modern era has left behind progressive achievements.

Then there are conservatives.  Conservatives, by definition favor the Constitution, the way it was written.  They recognize that while our system is imperfect, it is better than all of the rest.  This leads to a nominal type thinking.  Worse, America’s expectation for new benefits leads conservatives to believe that they have to achieve things like Medicare Part D and victorious battles overseas to please the electorate. 

But this isn’t what we need at all. 

What we need, is to passionately roll back, not only Obama’s tenure, but elements of the Great Society and the Raw Deal.  What we need is not to simply focus on undoing Obama.  What we need is to move the ball down the field.  We need to restrict extraneous social programs.  We need to leave taxes – permanently, lower than they were when we started.  We need to knock Planned Parenthood and all of its affiliates that go by different names out of the federal budget by sending that money to life-cherishing organizations.  We need to leave Capitalism better off than we left it, by breaking apart banks that are too big to fail.  We need to reclaim the rights of liberty guaranteed to us by the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments that have been greatly restricted by the war on drugs and terrorism. 

We have to be thinking big.  The way that progressives think big.  We have to gain ground and leave the nation off more conservative than it was when it was handed to us.  Not manage the decline.  The budget grew under Reagan and both Bush’s.  Why is that? 

Shouldn’t it shrink? 

Why shouldn’t corporate tax rates be cut across the board by 20% or more? 

Democrats have acted valiantly in pushing their agenda but republicans, once in power, are focused on wasting capital on overseas wars and small ball at home.

The next time we gain power, we need to be focused on big solutions, because cutting future increases in spending isn’t going to save us from  bankruptcy anymore.  We need big thinking in order to achieve big victories.