Clinton to lead Democrat Convention

It is interesting that as we approach Obama’s November re-election campaign, Mr. Obama seems to be campaigning towards the middle.  He did it in 2008.  Gone are the harsh attacks on business.  Gone is defense of his healthcare monstrosity.  Gone is his rhetoric on climate change.  Now, he is only now focused on the economy.

But Obama was only interested in the economy during the first three months of 2009 and then really didn’t get around to thinking about avoiding a double-dip recession until 2011.  We aren’t creating jobs as a country.  Our 2012 GDP is behind our 2011 GDP.  And most importantly, we are looking at a “lost decade.”

Obama plans on hiding behind the Clintons of America in pretending that he is the economy guy.  He isn’t.  Consumer confidence is down.  Businesses aren’t hiring.  Domestic manufacturing is down.  Obama is playing to teacher’s unions and promising that more students than ever will go to college, rather than equipping children to get jobs and make a difference in the world economy.  It isn’t that Obama doesn’t understand any of these problems or that he is out of touch. 

It is simply that he doesn’t understand the remedy.  He doesn’t know how to fix the economy.  Obama doesn’t know.  He has tried.  And with the power of the Executive branch of the United States and a Super Majority in the Congress, the argument could be made that he threw enough money at the problem during his first year to stop the bleeding. 

But he has been completely inept at growing America since then.  He has failed in pushing us ahead.  If any modern president has succeeded at managing the decline of America, it is Barack Obama.  He can hide behind moderate democrats, but he still has the same thing to offer us for four more years: Cluelessness on the economy.  We can do better.