Obama chooses not to sell hope this time around

If you aren’t living in Virginia, you may not realize that for the past six weeks, Obama and Romney have been hitting us hard with campaign advertisements.  Every single show.  Every single commercial break.  There is at least one ad from the campaign and often another from a super PAC. 

What is striking is Obama’s latest ad that is running non-stop for the past two weeks.  You can see it here:


In it, the Obama team, approved by Barack Obama, makes the decision to use Romney’s singing of “America the beautiful”, altered by some sort of auto tune, to negative effect.  They isolate Romney’s off-tune singing as a horror or suspense movie might do prior to something bad happening.  It creates an eerie feeling.  Those who have studied music theory, understand that certain notes can be used to create fear and uneasiness in the listener.

RCP has Obama tied 44-44 with Romney this week in the Commonwealth and consistently up by 1-2 points over Romney in the past.  The problem with Obama releasing eerie negative ads is that it also has his voice and face appearing in the ad.  This isn’t a super PAC ad doing his dirty work.  This is Barack the man himself, jumping into the mud. 

Obama’s goal is obviously to suppress voter turnout for Romney, but the effect of these kinds of ads on the viewer, isn’t for them to read all of the newspaper stories on Romney flashed across the screen.  The effect is to leave the viewer asking why Obama is taking part in such negative advertising. 

People expect it from Mr. Romney.

Mr. Obama was supposed to be different.

He is still the odds-on favorite in November, but he is eroding his own political brand and leaving himself open to driving the casual observer into Romney’s arms.  And that should give the Republicans some hope going into November.