On the Fourth of July, 1776 –

The American people did what no other group of people had ever done before.  They declared independence from their masters because of burdening taxes.  They also took the opportunity to take note of the unalienable rights bestowed upon us by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They recognized that they had a right to be in control of their government rather than a government that was in control of them.   

They also put in to writing that every man was created equal and eventually would determine that no equal man could be deprived of life or liberty without due process of law. 

At once, all white men owning property were equal.

Eventually, all white men were recognized as equal.

Later, all black men would be recognized as equal, having the right of freedom.

After that, all Indian Americans would be recognized as having equal property rights.

In the next century, women would be deemed equal, obtaining voting rights.

Our parents generation ensured that all black Americans would be treated with dignity, respect and the same education that white enjoy.

Now, the last civil liberties issue is the cause of the unborn child that is exempted from the protections of the Declaration of Independence along with the Fourteenth Amendment.  Most of these children are black, some are white.  Most are women, but some are male.  Most are poor, but some would have been born into priviledge.  Most are healthy, yet some would have struggled with sickness. 

If you are forty, you could have been legally aborted.

This year, let’s make sure that we continue to fight for the civil rights of all people as our ancestors did for us.