Election fraud time of year

It seems that we are back into the season where we start to hear about election fraud.  What I really hate to hear is one party suggesting that consistently there is, the victimized party of ethics verses the villainous vote-stealing/vote-suppressing villain.  I hate it on both sides.  Such assertions are obviously preposterous. 

Democrats remain upset about Florida in 2000?  Well I remain angry about Al Franken stealing a Minnesota Senate seat that gave Barack Obama a filibuster-proof Senate in 2008.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have voter fraud when humans are involved in elections.    

Politico is now reporting that “Democrats, labor unions and civil rights groups are convinced Republicans are scheming to steal the election from President Obama by suppressing the liberal vote . . .” 

This phrase left me with one of those “WTF” moments. 

Since when did voter identification requirements become voter suppression? 

Fortunately, in the interest of fairness, AFL-CIO is putting their own people in all of the swing states to guard against Republican election fraud. 

The quotes coming from every left-wing interest group from AFL-CIO to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to La Raza, are baffling.  The depth of idiocy embedded in the quotes boggles the mind.  Surely, reasonable democrats could not think that voter fraud is a practice mainly practiced on the right-wing, rather than a symptom of human nature. 

Requiring voters to prove their citizenship shouldn’t be a politicized issue and shame on these groups for politicizing it.  Like every year, myself and millions of other volunteers on both sides of the aisle, will conduct themselves ethically.  There will be D’s and R’s that try to steal the election.  But it remains our common goal of preventing this. 

We should work together to make sure that no new votes show up out of thin air and that only eligible voters vote.  That is after all, the law. 

We are all going to have endure six more months of democrats bitching about “money in politics,” so it is only fair that we don’t have to listen to the threats of fabricated future scandals.  It is better for these groups that we don’t have to hear from them. 

We wouldn’t want groups like AFL-CIO losing their grip on American politics or the NAACP losing legiti–**excuse me**.  Further legitimacy.