Playing it safe at the state level

Last week, a new poll showed conservative Virginians what they already knew.  Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is leading Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling 51% to 15% among Republican primary voters in next year’s Republican primary for Virginia’s next Gubernatorial race.  Bolling is the establishment, Bob McDonnell-endorsed candidate.  Kuccinelli is not endorsed by our governor, but he has some other accomplishments.

In addition to a traditional AG record, Ken Cuccinelli has taken on environmentalists, the homosexual lobby, abortion clinics, electric companies and has been the leading state AG fighting in Court against the individual mandate from day one, back when the legal argument was mocked.

Bill Bolling, in TWO terms has accomplished . . . coal mine safety regulation reforms and redistricting.

You may not live in Virginia, but you have your own Bill Bolling in your state.  He wants you to vote for him although he won’t take a chance on tax reform, school choice, fighting for life or state autonomy.  He talks about education while never discussing charter schools and educational competition.  He talks about growing the economy by promoting Virginia’s wineries rather than working to cutback harmful regs.  He tells social conservatives to take it easy so that he can use his capital to accomplish . . . “bipartisan redistricting.”    

As long as our candidates are focused on the economy and half-way articulate, we can get them through the general.  But what we don’t need is more Bill Bolling’s lining up to manage the decline.  This poll should send a message to all of our republican candidates that it is alright to pursue a conservative agenda, as long as you do so responsibly. 


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