The Paycheck Fairness Act

Today, the United States legislature is focusing on the Paycheck Fairness Act.  Essentially it requires innocent employers to prove that they aren’t sexist by demonstrating that a man getting paid more is more qualified than his female employee of equal status.  It requires that a woman be shown to have inferior qualifications than men in the workforce.  This is a bad idea.

Some statistics show that women get paid only three quarters of the wages a male in a comparable position brings home.  So democrats have decided to take matters into their own hands. 

This bill isn’t a serious attempt to pass legislation yet remains a win-win for democrats.  If it passes, they please the trial lawyer lobby in making punitive claims easier to pursue.  If the republican filibuster defeats it, it is all part of the evil republicans war on women.  You know, because republicans hate women…  It is a strong political move by Harry Reid. 

Obama jumped into the fray saying that because “women are the breadwinners for a lot of families” blah blah blah “everybody suffers” from inequality, thus we should regulate businesses in a heavier way because that is what is going to get the economy going again.  Or something like that.

Where does Romney stand?  He is taking both positions.  He doesn’t oppose the bill but he doesn’t expressly support it. 

The facts are that, we as a society are becoming more aware of unequal pay.  We have been doing so for decades and the situation continues to improve.  More women are in law school than men now.  More women are in med school than men now.  Women are demanding equal pay and the numbers are moving in the right direction. 

Government already takes a quarter or more of what we make before we even see it.  It then takes even more every time we an item or service with it.  It then charges property taxes to retain the item that we have purchased.  Employers are already forced to pay at least $7.15 per hour to employees.  But the government shouldn’t be also telling employers who should get a raise and who shouldn’t.  This is another line crossed.   

Government involvement will help little and will hurt businesses by requiring more regulations.  Again, this type of regulation only hurts the law abiding citizens.  Discriminators will continue to discriminate while justifying it all the while.  It will only be decent employers that will be forced to give account for their actions.

It will take their focus off of an employer’s bottom dollar and focus it on defending against potential lawsuits.  Worst, it requires an employer who has no qualms with his or her female employees to cite specific reasons as to why she isn’t as good as her male counterparts.  Conservatives respect women more than that.  When I go into a new job, whether my boss is a man or woman, never even crosses my mind.  If someone were to ask me whether a co-worker is black or white, I would have to take a second to picture them because for most of us – these identifiers don’t define our co-workers to us.

But this is another case of divide and conquer by democrats by forcing Americans to take sides against one another on issues of disability, vocation, gender, race, religion, etc. 

The Republican message should be clear.  We don’t care what color, gender or religion you are.  We want you to be working a job that allows you to pay your bills and eventually, with hard work, to create a future for yourself.  Women will make more long term under a republican administration because more people will be hired and given raises.  This kind of regulation simply makes employers pause before hiring women.  I will be glad to see republicans block this terrible bill.