Who invited the drone to the cookout?

Imagine my surprise as a Virginia resident yesterday, to find my conservative Governor, Bob McDonnell, throwing his support behind police drones flying overhead in Arlington and throughout the Commonwealth.  This type of domestic drone usage will act to dramatically increase the reach of police in our great state.  The concern, is that security restrictions on the population will only restrict the rights of the law abiding.   

Allow me to ring the alarm bells.  The last thing we need is the government having greater reach to watch its citizens.  Like any practice of this nature, criminals will still act in secret while law abiding citizens will be forced to live under increased and undeserved scrutiny. 

Law enforcement should be able to take advantage of technological advantages, but not at such a high price.  Indeed, increased security is a worthy goal.  However, having a drone flying through our neighborhoods and over my backyard is not a sacrifice I am willing to take.  We already know how this ends. 

How is it that the right to PRIVACY protects the termination of a baby but it doesn’t protect us from having a drone fly over our houses?

Thanks Democrats and Republicans for the FAA Modernization and Reform Act which allows war drones to be used at home.  And people wonder why conservatives are opposing status quo republicans.  Let’s go on the record, wiretapping of phone conversations, internet surveillance, drone’s watching us live our lives – all civil liberty violations.  Please think again Governor.