Pepsi sees the light on abortion . . . Kind of

Congratulations to the many Christians that successfully convinced PepsiCo to alter it’s contract with the unethical biotech firm known as Senomyx Inc.  Senomyx is a company Pepsi contracted with in 2010 to conduct flavor testing for new soft drinks.  The problem is that Senomyx harvests cells from aborted fetus’s to create new and tasty soda flavors.  While this author will admit to consuming a few Pepsi products during 2011 and 2012, we joined the fight in largely abstaining from Pepsi until the problem was corrected

Senomyx  creates new flavors that are supposed to “reduce sugars and salts.”  But the company doesn’t only do this through organic and healthier foods.  It uses proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems which provides Senomyx biochemical responses when a new ingredient interacts differently with existing ingredients.  The receptors are made from “HEK293″, or Human Embryonic Kidney cells from a healthy, electively aborted baby, whose cells were then harvested and cloned and successfully used on the 293rd try.

No, this isn’t a sci-fi movie.  This is how junk food flavors are created in the twenty-first century.

Pepsi’s act of redefining its relationship with this sick company is not a total win, Senomyx Inc. continues to exploit human death in order to create better selling ingredients.  It’s not only extremely weird but it is immoral and unethical.  Although Pepsi no longer directly benefits from this exploitation, it will indirectly benefits because of its associations with Senomyx.

The reason the pro-life community should care about companies like Senomyx isn’t simply because we oppose the exploitation of innocent human life, but from a practical standpoint, if we are ever to win the abortion fight, we must keep big money at bay.  Sadly, there are companies looking to usurp the remains of unborn babies to make a profit.  The zealousness of pro-aborts is a strong enough opponent to this righteous cause, the pro-life movement must not allow pro-aborts to continue to enjoy a huge financial advantage as well.

Although the contract should never have been performed and didn’t go far enough, PepsiCo should be applauded for the change in course.  At the same time, Pepsi needs to consider cutting off all ties with unethical groups such as Senomyx.  To many Americans, the cost of a soda has become too high.  I for one am taking a Cherry Coke to work today, but I look forward to buying a twelve pack of the sweet nectar known as Mountain Dew Code Red.  What?  My teeth and kidneys will be fine.

Thank you to Mercola and Lifenews for the sources.