Conservative groups beware: Mitt Romney considers moving away from traditional marriage

A top politico story yesterday focused on the push-and-pull of republican voters and Mitt Romney’s top supporters.  Apparently, the Romney campaign has struggled to find a balance between the views of his voting base and three of his donors on creating a new right to gay marriage.  I sincerely hope that this story isn’t true.

Barack Obama is going to change course and declare his support for gay marriage prior to the election.  He would be a fool not to.  In 2008, he ran as a social moderate.  Obama has been signaling that his views on traditional marriage are “evolving”.  He will change.  The Romney campaign seems to think it may have to move toward the middle on this issue.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Romney campaign has sewn up the nomination.  But the strategy it is now pursuing is baffling.  He isn’t bringing together the right and he isn’t endearing himself to the middle.  And now he is considering moving away from his stance on marriage.

Conservative groups need to be careful.  This week, National Organization for Marriage endorsed Mitt Romney for President, even though he presided over Massachusetts as it became the first state in America to declare gay marriage a constitutional right under the puritan constitution.  Earlier this week, the pro-life lifenews.com sent out alerts reminding pro-life supporters that the number one goal was defeating Barack Obama in 2012.

The question is — is that the ultimate goal?

Is the number one job of pro-life groups this year to elect a formerly pro-choice governor who won’t commit to overturning Roe?  Should pro-marriage groups commit to Mitt Romney?

Defeating Barack Obama is very important.  For the GOP it should be the number one goal.  But special interest groups can’t be in the business of selling their souls for a win.  There is a lot of races to get involved in without dedicating all resources to the former Massachusetts governor.  That is not to say that this site wishes the Governor’s campaign ill will.  It is simply to say that win or lose, we are all going to have to look at ourselves in the mirror the morning after the election next winter.  I hope we don’t get so desperate to beat Obama that we forget who we are.