Why is Mitt Romney risking it?

In what will only become a story with a life of its own, the GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is going forward with building a four-story house.  That house is being built on a California beach and is being built over a location where Romney already tore down a beautiful home only to build a bigger one in its place.  Romney’s new third vacation home also has an elevator . . . for his cars.

Phew.  Ok.  How do I say this.  I never wanted Mitt Romney to be our nominee.  He is a terrible nominee and he will lose states that republicans have never lost.  With that being said.  Why is he making it worse?  Is there a reason Romney needs to build that house right now?

Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with being rich and building a vacation home.  Here, is the exception.  When you are running for POTUS in an election where millions of people have lost their homes to foreclosure it demonstrates a fundamental disconnect.  It shows that you really are too rich to relate to what regular people are going through and at some point during the election season, that is going to catch up to Romney.  Like it or not, America won’t elect someone completely out-of-touch, even if they are well qualified.

For conservatives, we have already lived through the nomination of a GOP POTUS candidate that was an old out-of-touch guy who wouldn’t take the fight 100% to Obama and we lost badly.  John McCain will soon pass and not be around to endure the legacy of the Obama administration.  McCain constantly preached about which issues he wanted to take to Obama and which ones  he didn’t.  He harped on the kind of campaign he wanted to run.  McCain never realized that the campaign was never about him but about the soul of our country.

I fear that Romney could make the same mistake.  Romney needs to be Romney, whomever that is, but at the same time he needs to realize how much bigger this election is than him.  If Obama were to make significant missteps and if Romney could campaign intelligently and get a lot of lucky breaks, Romney could have a shot at winning this thing.  He could have a shot at living in the White House.  To blow his chances and ours of a decent president on silly missteps like a vacation home is political malpractice.  Romney has shown that he is more gaffe-prone than most, there is no purpose in taking part in unforced errors.