Race politics are hurting America

The country seems to be uniting in it’s condemnation of a local Florida police department’s irresponsible handling of the death of Trayvon Martin.  Martin was a 17 year old kid that was simply walking through his neighborhood and was later shot by Neighborhood watchmen, George Zimmerman.  Outrageous, right?

This is an issue we can all agree on.

The people of Florida and around the country have come together to question the police department’s decision to let Zimmerman go rather than arresting him.  Zimmerman ended up with a broken nose and could have acted in self defense.  Simultaneously, he followed a kid with a gun and needs to be held responsible for what ensued as a result.  The evidence indicates that something more than simple self defense was at play in these circumstances.  To add insult to injury, Zimmerman was warned by 911 operatives not to pursue the boy.  It is a bad situation.

But now, many people throughout this nation are trying to make this about race.  Al Sharpton, like a moth to the flame, is down in Florida taking the spotlight.  Jesse Jackson and the rest of the usual suspects have dusted off their soapboxes and are using this to enlarge their own stature.

They are polarizing issues that shouldn’t be polarized.

Some of these “civil rights” leaders are from a time long past.  Like fighting Twenty-First century terrorism with Cold War era techniques, they are past their due date and attempting to remain relevant.  The Civil Rights era has largely been a success.  Within a generation we, as a nation, have almost eliminated racism in many parts of America.  In two generations we have elected an African-American president.  People like Sharpton want to remain relevant but the truth is that people like him exasperate any remaining problems.  They force white and black America to take sides rather than going on enjoying their lives and working hard.

As a white American, I was outraged at the irresponsibility and possible murder committed by Zimmerman.  But not because it was about race.

People crying about race aren’t bringing anything new to the table.  Democrats like Sharpton would have us believe that there is racism hiding behind every closed door.  But those under 30 can testify that the only time we really see or hear about racism is when these people are rushing to make race an issue.  These types of politics polarize and hurt the American discussion.

Martin’s death was unjust, not because he was black but because he was an unarmed kid.  Shooting an unarmed child at almost point-blank range after following the kid is enough to put the death penalty on the table.  These people on the left should do what they are always advising the right to do.  Cool it on the rhetoric.