What do democrats have to offer Hispanics?

In 2008, Barack Obama won the presidency on the support of Hispanic Americans, yet since that date — he has done nothing to lift the demographic.

As immigrants to this country, Hispanic Americans are among those with the least amount of opportunities.  And through dependency programs, democrats are poised to institutionalize poverty in this demographic as they have in other American communities.  In coming to Washington in Jan. of 2009, Democrats put immigration reform as the last thing on their “to do” list.  Behind healthcare, GHG regulation, DADT, on-and-on.  Democrats have offered nothing other than half-way proposals to help new American immigrants to build a life for themselves.

So, one would expect republicans to be in a position to capitalize on the failure of the Ds right?


The Democrats have failed an entire portion of their base while republicans remain focused on preventing these people from getting you guessed it, the dreaded “A” word . . . Amnesty.

Rather than republicans rushing to be the party of opportunity and free markets, republicans push this anti-illegal immigration mantra with literally nothing to show for it.

Here are the facts:

Whether the immigrants in America that have come from Mexico are illegal or not, they are here to stay.  They are our neighbors and our friends.  Every election, their American children get a little closer to being voters.

Opposing amnesty doesn’t make sense on any level.  If republicans want to construct a wall across the border while providing amnesty, fine.  But these people shouldn’t be left sitting in the cracks they fell into.

George W. Bush won two elections with the support of Hispanics.  Obama won the election with Hispanics.  Believe it or not, Arizona is in play this year.  Mexican immigrants are socially conservative, hard-working, religious people that want an opportunity.  There is only one party that is a natural fit for them.  If we keep traveling down this road, we can kiss our dreams of a permanent majority goodbye.

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