Dick Lugar (R-IN/VA)

One of the best stories of the past few months has been the ultimate establishment/grass roots competition coming from Indiana.  Senator Dick Lugar ( R) has been facing a primary challenge from tea party, NRA and Club for Growth endorsed Richard Mourdock.  Lugar is leading his opponent in the polls by over 20 points.

However, a few weeks back, the story broke that Lugar’s residency was being questioned.  He almost wasn’t allowed to run in Indiana.  The controversy at issue was that Lugar has lived in Virginia for decades and living in Indiana hotels when he came back to town.  That’s right, the senator from Indiana didn’t live in Indiana.

Out of touch?  You can judge for yourself, but I certainly wouldn’t want a representative in Congress that isn’t willing to live in my home state.  Taking first class jets and giving up your residency may not impair a representative’s ability to represent his people, but politics is perception; and living in Arlington, VA gives the perception that you may be out of touch with Hoosiers.  Vice President Joe Biden has always been kind of an imbecile.  He constantly seems to be making silly statements.  Yet, he still rides the metro into work.  Even I can respect that.  Biden still gets it and that makes him effective.  Biden has spent his entire career putting people out of work by pushing the big Union agenda.  At the same time, the perception among blue collar workers is that Biden works for them.  Perception.

A democrat-controlled Indiana election board has just ruled that Lugar is a Virginia resident and should vote there rather than in Indiana.  Although it is a hype-partisan move.  It is extremely amusing.  The republicans in Indiana may want to consider whether they want to continue to be represented by such a clown that cannot even keep an apartment in the state he represents.  Republicans may think that going with a known quantity is the way to hold onto the seat.  But being famous and infamous should never be confused.  Lugar may end up becoming a joke in the general election.