Election Day: Newt looks to help Mitt win

Today is presidential primary election day in Mississippi and Alabama (and Hawaii).  The polls could indicate a disaster for republicans that actually want to see Obama defeated in November.  If the poll numbers we are seeing are correct, both contests are very close three way races with Rick Santorum coming in third place.

After Iowa, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry who actually care about their future careers and conservatism, dropped out in order to let the conservative vote coalesce around someone with some support.

The time has come for Newt Gingrich to drop out.  Newt’s unfavorability with the general election voter is sky high, he has only around 100 electoral votes and has shown an inability to win in the north, the west, the mid-west and anywhere else except for South Carolina and his home state of Georgia.

The delegate math makes it impossible for Gingrich to win this race.  Every time he does well, conservatives remember why they don’t like him and he comes crashing down.  But rather than Gingrich making way for Rick Santorum who has won five times the states Gingrich has, as well as twice as many delegates, Gingrich prefers to stay in.

Gingrich is a selfish personality.  News reports have circulated for years about how the entire government shutdown of the 90’s began with Gingrich’s bruised ego.  Now, Gingrich wants to be somebody again at this year’s Republican Convention in Tampa.  Although he knows perfectly well he cannot and will not win, he has made up his mind to go all the way to Tampa without any delegates in the hopes that he will get a job at best and increased notoriety at worst.  I can’t imagine how we could ever expect a President Gingrich to put the country before himself.

If any Mississippians or Alabamians are reading this, Santorum is your guy.  He is obviously the guy with the delegates and momentum to broker the convention and prevent Romney from getting over 1,100 delegates.

If Santorum or Romney win one of these states, it will be a big win for either.  Gingrich supporters should also realize that a Gingrich win in a neighboring state tomorrow does not suddenly justify his continuing in this race.  He needs to get out.  He is a distraction.

To put it succinctly, if we expect to have anything other than a Romney coronation in Tampa, the Newt Gingrich train wreck needs to be contained tomorrow.