Rush Limbaugh

We are now a week into Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” moment.  The far left has waged a masterful attempt at taking him down.  After a week of feigning outrage they have successfully pressured 29 businesses to drop their advertising on his show.  That is what they did to Glenn Beck.  Silencing opponents has proven very successful. 

Now people within the GOP tent such as RINO and failed candidate, Carly Fiorina have come out in condemning him.

Only on the right do we eat our own in order to obtain media approval.

In any case, Politico has noted that many republicans now believe Limbaugh will no longer hold the same sway in Republican politics.

Unfortunately for them, wishful thinking won’t make it so.

Limbaugh has hit a snag, but he will remain more influential than ever.  Consider the fact that Obama is headed towards a second term with few republican leaders willing to take him on.  There is no doubt that Limbaugh is headed towards future ratings growth when that happens.

Following the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004, his popularity dropped.  In 2005 we learned that many of the attacks on him landed but people really couldn’t afford to care because the alternative was John Kerry.  The same will be true in 2013 and there will be one person who has both the intellect and ability to draw in large numbers of people to take on Obama.  By 2014, we’ll have presidential candidates out there.  But until then, talking heads will drive the debate.

In the mean time, republicans inside the beltway may not like Limbaugh and they may enjoy the opportunity to turn on him.  However, people like Rush Limbaugh are the only counterweight to television and newspaper which is dominated by the left.  There would be no House Republican majority without flamboyant talk radio.  It is the right’s offense and defense against the left.

This isn’t about whether you agree with the language used.  This is about defending our guys when they are unfairly attacked.  An Obama second term is going to put Rush on top of the political world.  It is easy for people like Phil Gingrey and David Frum to kick him when he is down.  But he is already focused back on taking down Barack Obama.

The far left has institutionalized the campaign attack machine to where it is now omnipresent.  They are looking to take down any and everyone.  Next time it will be someone else.  It could even be David Frum.  It would benefit republicans to remember

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