Planned Parenthood continues its vicious assault on breast cancer research

In case you missed it, Planned Parenthood has carried through with an all-out assault on the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation for its decision to only provide funding to women’s groups that give mammogram exams.

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to stop breast cancer.  As the evidence has continued to mount that Planned Parenthood doesn’t perform mammogram tests or contribute to stopping breast cancer in any substantial way, groups have been forced to reconsider their relationship with a group that almost exclusively focuses on “reproductive rights.”

In the realm of breast cancer, Planned Parenthood does little more than hand out referrals for mammograms to other facilities.  The Komen Foundation’s Board has determined to give money to groups that actually fight breast cancer.

It wasn’t a political decision.  The group has no stated position on the rights of the unborn but merely fights for women suffering through breast cancer.

As everyone knows, in the realm of non-profits, finances are finite and groups that don’t actually push forward the cause will be the first to be cut.

Rather than Planned Parenthood releasing a statement indicating that all women’s groups are in the fight against breast cancer together, they have unleashed a vicious and brutal attack on their fellow female health providers.

The reason for the attack?  Planned Parenthood and their supporters are furious that they won’t get money anymore.  Do they care that the money is still going to other women’s groups to fund mammograms?

The answer is a resounding, NO.  They don’t care.  Planned Parenthood has grown into a beast with an insatiable financial appetite that is so concerned with self-sustaining itself, it has lost its original focus, (not counting their founders stated goal of eugenics) — women’s health.

Planned Parenthood and all of the other talking heads feigning outrage are lashing out in a vicious manner that is unbecoming of any civil conversation.  Especially a civil conversation concerning a charity that has raised two BILLION dollars for women all over the world.

No other “medical” group would undertake such a campaign of lies and deceit to smear such a charity.  Planned Parenthood’s decision to go for the jugular of a fellow women’s health foundation, raises the question of whose side they are on.

Generally, groups on the same side of an issue don’t take out their friends — unless they care more about self preservation than the “cause.”

If Planned Parenthood really cared about women they wouldn’t care if they lost funding as long as the money was still taking care of women.

But they are in the business of amassing influence and sustaining an industry.  They don’t care about born women and by their very nature they are the greatest enemy of unborn women in the history of our nation.

Griffinelection.com will continue to come to Komen’s defense both on this website as well as theirs — financially.  We do so, not only because we are zealous defenders of the unborn, but mainly because we do not believe that anyone should be a victim of Planned Parenthood’s radical attacks.  We have seen to many good people taken down by their smear campaigns.  We have seen too many unborn people aborted, due, in large part, to the power of this same media machine.

Breast cancer groups should feel free to spend their money on researching cures for breast cancer and helping women detect and stop breast cancer, not on handing out referrals and occasionally doing breast cancer exams that can often times be done at home.

There has never been such a coordinated attack on any other medical research charity.  This is simply a result of the abortion lobby’s hair-trigger, knee jerk reaction to ruin anyone who doesn’t affirmatively promote their agenda.

Planned Parenthood is not endearing itself to anyone outside of the usual pro-abort echo chamber when it attacks well meaning charities.

I hope you will consider joining the editors of this site in giving whatever money you can to the  Foundation as many on the far left have vowed to no longer give money to breast cancer research at the Komen Foundation.  Whether Planned Parenthood meets its financial goals or not, millions of women will continue to fight breast cancer today.  The abortion lobby has been hurting women for two generations now, let us try to blunt the impact in whatever small way we can.


Tim Griffin is the editor of griffinelection.com