All the Romney's endorsements indicate what exactly?

Yesterday, the Donald, who we all greatly admire as a great politico, endorsed none other than Williard “Mitt” Romney.

As a conservative who is anti-Second Amendment, pro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage and pro-Romneycare healthcare mandate, I love Mitt Romney — and I’m not alone, after the Donald’s endorsement, I started thinking of other great conservative minds that have endorsed our guy.

The list that follows is the top fifteen greatest conservative minds of our generation who have determined that losing one election to Obama isn’t enough, they have determined that we should let Romney hand Obama a second term.  I kid, but seriously, there are a lot of clowns on this list.  Here they are, in no particular order:

15.) The genius who dropped out of the GOP nominating race after losing the corndog straw poll in Iowa this summer, Tim Pawlenty.  Seriously, this guy could have been POTUS had he stuck around but he put more faith in a straw poll than in his ability to campaign.

14.) The anti-tea party Senator who was given the U.S. Senate seat by her father.  She is non other than, Lisa Murkowski.  This is the republican senator who lost the republican primary and then dropped out of the party only to win as an independent – running on liberal social policy and big time earmarks.

13.) The Former VP to “Read-my-lips” Bush I, Mr. Dan Quayle.

12.) Former moderate and failed presidential candidate who could not unite the base, Bob Dole.  He probably feels an affinity for Romney as they both will be/were the GOP nominee, only to lose in the General to a democrat that shouldn’t of won re-election.

11.) One of my favorite RINO’s, Senator Mark Kirk.  I can’t even lay out all of this guys views.  Calling him a moderate would be doing him a favor.

10.) Hugely unpopular and former tea-party darling, Governor Nikki Haley.  Haley, having no political future with low poll numbers, read the tea leaves (there is a pun here that I won’t make) and decided she’d go for a future ambassadorship in a Romney administration and bite the hand that fed her.

9.) Pro-abortion New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  I appreciate what Christie has done for Jersey, but this guy would be a slap in the face to social conservatives on a national ticket.  Thus, it is not a shocker that he would side with a fellow moderate.

8.) Our moderate, loser, standard-bearer from 2008, Senator John McCain.  I guess losing once to Obama isn’t enough for old John.  Why can’t he just go away?

7.) Millionaire and Reality TV Celebrity, The Donald.  The Donald Trump circus act continues.

6.) Former Obama employee, Governor Jon Huntsman.  Huntsman spent months blasting Romney, only to endorse him prior to South Carolina.  Does it ever occur to some politicians that maybe sometimes you need not endorse anyone?  I thought better of Huntsman pre-Romney.  Just because you don’t want to endorse Rick Perry doesn’t mean you have to go with Romney.

5.) A-list Hollywood politico, Jon Voight.  This is not to be confused with the Jon Voight who once owned George Castanza’s car (he has yet to endorse).

4.) The vastly intelligent and respectable, failed GOP Senatorial candidate, Christine O’Donnell.  When Christine O’Donnell speaks, I listen.

3.) Virginia’s own pro-abortion, failed Senate candidate, former Governor Jim Gilmore.  Not content to simply give Virginia Mark Warner, he wants to give us more Obama too!  Thanks Jim!

2.) Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who I voted for and supported over the years, but who has been trying to create space between himself and conservatives in recent years.

1.) Crazy Ann Coulter, who sits on the Board for the Log Cabin Republicans.  No longer happy with her usual shtick that democrats are stupid, evil thugs and thieves, she came out this week not only continuing to play surrogate for Romney, but also for Romneycare and his individual mandate.  Coulter needs to realize that she isn’t a leader in our party, she is entertainment, at best.  Going to war with the base may not be the best way to help her sell books.

This truly is the all-star lineup of conservatives.  Never before has such a serious group of Republicans joined together in a single act to bolster the conservative movement.

I should note half of these endorsements come from candidates that have lost their last race while another quarter comes from candidates still in their first term on the national stage.  With endorsements like this, they may find themselves as candidates without a base during the next go-round.

Tim Griffin is the editor of griffinelection.com