Mitt Romney: a loser for the GOP

Today, Governor Romney attempts to win Florida.  But who is he and how will that play into his race against Barack Obama later this year?

In 2008, democrats found a candidate named Barack Obama.  He was young and a member of a minority.  He was cool and a great speaker.  He checked every box on the litmus test.

Yet, he really didn’t stand for anything.  His speeches were vague, his record scant of any passion, his initiatives more poetry than policy.

Yet the democrat base fell in love with him.  They adorned “Yes We Can” t-shirts, slogans, bumper stickers and key chains.  Many trekked to his DC inauguration like Muslims traveling to Mecca.  Republicans watched in astonishment as people cast their hopes and dreams on this blank canvas candidate.

It is now clear that their adoration came from the fact that liberals cast their hopes and dreams on this bank canvas, and saw the reflection of what they wanted.  It was precisely because Obama stood for nothing that he was successful.  He was an empty suit, that people were able to tack their desires and passions onto him.

But what helped Obama will hurt Romney.

Mitt Romney is a candidate with no signature policy achievements, save his healthcare mandate.  He is a candidate that focuses on his private sector experience, where he mainly laid off workers from companies that were underperforming.  Yet, passion, depth, policy initiatives, political strategy — these things seem to be totally missing.

Who is the real Mitt Romney?

In a recent NYT article, his staff claimed that he is no one.  That Romney is whoever they tell him to be.  He is a terrible candidate but that they have turned this race around with effective negative advertising and improved debate performances.  But that passion that drives Santorum?  Cain?  Bachmann?  Huntsman?  Not there.  He is whoever he thinks we want him to be.

A liberal in ’94.  A conservative in ’08.  A moderate in ’12.

This is the problem.  Romney is an empty suit.  He is someone lacking passion and ideas.  But our hopes and dreams aren’t going to stick to this guy.

Mitt Romney is most likely a family man.  A brilliant guy.  A deeply committed Mormon.  He is probably someone that always wanted to avenge his father’s GOP nomination loss, but at times in life wavered, until the opportunity to run for Governor presented itself.  Now, he likely wants to become president in honor of his father and out of personal ambition.

He isn’t passionate about outperforming China like Huntsman is.  He isn’t passionate about jobs in the rustbelt or family values like Santorum is.  He isn’t even passionate about overturning Obamacare, it is just simply something he has to do.

The guy lacks passion and he has nothing to offer the GOP base.

And so, the establishment has projected onto this blank canvass whatever they want him to be, job creator, changed man, successful governor.  He is none of those things.

He is rich.  He has offshore bank accounts.  His effective tax rate during the recession may have approached close to zero.  He fired people for a living.  He imposed a healthcare mandate.  These are the narratives that David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs are going to successfully use to bring him down.

Romney isn’t cool, he isn’t a notable speaker.  He is just an average moderate governor who couldn’t win a second term.  He has no base of support to work the phones or knock on doors.  Evangelicals, homeschoolers, values voters — these people may not even vote on election day.  The Tea Party won’t be working on his behalf.  The rest of the republican party will vote for him, but independents will stick with Obama.

With this reality, Romney will lose Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.  With Romney we better go ahead and brace for another Obama term.

As Florida goes for Romney today, the GOP needs to do some soul searching.  Are we going to allow the moderate wing of our party to throw away another election?  Or are we going to nominate someone with a shot of exciting the base.  I know that I would rather not have to endure another term of Obama.