The three stooges go at it again in the Florida Debate Tonight

Tonight we get yet another debate.  As tired as most people are of these debates, we actually need one right now.  The Romney Super PACS are spending money and the other guys need a chance to respond.  The Establishment is pushing back against the grassroots nomination of Gingrich.  Personally, I wouldn’t be so disturbed by anyone lining up against Gingrich, if it weren’t in favor of Mitt Romney.  In recent days, many establishment heads have come out against Gingrich calling him “not a conservative” and the worst label imaginable — “against Reagan.”  I didn’t think it would get that dirty, but it has.  Each candidate will try to answer the following questions.  Meanwhile, Paul will continue to stay steady and try to broker a deal at the convention.

Will Newt be able to Counter? 

Nancy Pelosi has made ominous comments about the effort to stop Gingrich by her Republican D.C. friends.  The unintelligent, rhetorical clown, pro-gay rights, pro-(pro-abort)-Chris Christie, pro-(“former” pro-abort)-Mitt Romney, ANN COULTER has come out against Gingrich.  (I look forward to the day that we can agree that she should be disregarded as an embarrassment to the conservative movement and that her books should be relegated to the trashcans of history.)  Reports are coming out that he opposed Reagan policies , that his definition of “conservatism” is whatever his “grandiose” mind believes it should be.  Most startling, is warnings that conservatives should prepare for more Gingrich extra-marital affairs to come out.  The establishment is going to ensure that he does not win Florida.  That would be fine, if they weren’t leaving us with a worst alternative.  Tonight, what is Gingrich going to do to stop the onslaught of attacks?  How will he stay alive?

Will he get a standing ovation moment that will catapult him to the kind of win he got in South Carolina?  Gingrich has demanded that the crowds be able to react, which they were not allowed to do on Monday.  He is no doubt attempting to create momentum.  Look for his attacks on Obama and the media elite to be his sharpest yet.

Will Mitt Romney ever get a standing ovation moment?

Mitt Romney is still looking for a way to win the nomination.  Surviving the nominating contest won’t be enough to rally support for the General.  Romney was feisty on Monday.  He was in an attack dog mode we haven’t seen since 2008.  If voters begin re-considering Gingrich, can Romney give voters a reason to look at him?  The answer is probably not, but Romney needs to remember that no modern president has won an election without the support of an enthusiastic base.  He may think he can win without us, please allow me to assure him, he cannot.

Barack Obama is the most perfect democrat candidate in TWO generations.  He is young, cool and liberal.  He is a great speaker and a member of a historically downtrodden minority.  As unpopular as he is, he is on track to win in November decisively.

What can Willard to stop it?  I haven’t seen anything to indicate Romney could beat Obama with working class voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Will Santorum figure out how to break through?

Rick Santorum can’t seem to break through the noise.  He says the right things and he is great on the defense and social policy legs of the Republican tripod coalition.  But on spending, he has a very shaky record.  As Gingrich takes a hit, will he be able to show that he is a legitimate alternative?  Why isn’t Santorum another Bush conservative?  Why wouldn’t he give a full-throated rebuke of SOPA?  Why was he for compelled unionization in Pennsylvania?  Can he get the movement to forgive him for the endorsement of Benedict Arlen?  Santorum might want to invoke Jim DeMint’s name and lay out ways that he has gone against the establishment and for the tea party.  Currently, he seems like the George W. Bush on steroids that Rick Perry was supposed to be.

Right now, the smart money is still on Romney in Florida.  But if Newt can get a standing ovation moment tonight, he will win Florida.  I wouldn’t want to be Wolf Blitzer.

CNN 8 pm.