Abortion 39 years later: The legacy of Roe v. Wade

Yesterday, was the 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to dehumanize unborn babies in the name of giving women the “right to choose.”  To choose what?  To choose to end the life of their own child.  Morally, scientifically, religiously, and emotionally this “choice” has been a sham of epic proportions.  It has hurt women in ways that it could never touch the democrat politicians that champion it.

Today, American girls are brought up to believe that being pro-life is the unforgivable sin.  If anyone speaks out on behalf of the rights of unborn children, they want to tell you what to do with your body.  It seems to never be pointed out to them that there is no other subject where people rally for them to do one-thing-or-another with their body.  In no other ways do men or pro-lifers or any demographic lobby for legislation.  The reason?  Because this isn’t about a woman’s body.  It is about protecting the little woman (or man) inside of her.  Unfortunately, we no longer teach our girls that pregnancy poses much less danger than an abortion procedure.

Instead, young women are taught that it is ok to abort their baby if their circumstances warrant it.  Strangely, many of these same women will go on to give birth to a subsequent child who they will dedicate their life to raising.  This “choice” of life or death for a child hinges on timing.

Roe v. Wade 

The Roe case was based off of a legal lie.  The activist members of the Supreme Court had earlier held that the “emanations” and “penumbras” of a right to privacy came from the bill of rights.  Needless to say that among the right to speech, arms, trial by jury, etc., there was no privacy amendment.

The truth is that any sort of right to privacy, if it is to be found, could likely be found in the words of the Fourth Amendment which protects Americans from unreasonable searches of themselves and their effects.  Sadly, the Fifth Amendment was completely ignored by the Court which chose to take away life and liberty from millions of children without any due process of law, in violation of both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment.

Undoubtedly, Roe v. Wade is the worst Supreme Court decision of all time.  Even Dredd Scott was overturned, but the Supreme Court and the abortion lobby have continued to uphold the abortion decision of the Court.

In the last year, we have surpassed 50 million deaths in the United States alone due to the Roe decision.  Fifty million people gone.

While many believe that abortion has been a national positive in helping to control the overall population, the opposite has been true.  Western nations that have adopted the practice find themselves with large elderly populations and small young populations.  Social Security has been rendered unsustainable due to a lack of young people.  While non-western countries are experiencing population boom, western countries can barely keep up with a sustainable birth rate.

Any of us could have been aborted

The strangest thing concerning the abortion debate is that never before have we promoted such a hypocritical viewpoint.  Whether one was to become a slave was determined by the color of their skin.  It was advocated by racist white people that chose to enslave those that were unlike them.  It was like most differences of opinion, the natural differences between people were exploited into hatred.

With regards to abortion, any of us born after 1973, were in danger of being aborted, but every single one of us reading this article, had a mother that loved us enough to give birth to us.  Every single one of us are the product of a pro-life viewpoints, yet, many people that were given a chance at life, work hard to deny that opportunity to others.  For those of us that have not been aborted to hold a pro-abort view,  is more hypocritical than a white American born into freedom advocating slavery for other humans.

It seems that our entire culture has lost sight of the golden rule.  We teach our children to treat others as we would be treated, yet we encourage our young girls in difficult circumstances to snuff out the lives of unborn babies, while we ourselves remain thankful that we weren’t aborted.

Abortion should be illegal

Abortion should be illegal in the United States of America.  In most states, it already is but has simply been overruled by the Supreme Court.  Many fear that outlawing abortion through an act of Congress would send women to a “back alley.”  This is a unique perspective.  Never before have Americans built policy on the bedrock of what might happen alternatively.  It is almost as if Americans have come together and agreed that although we do not wish to maximize abortions (because it morally offensive) and because we realize the dangers of sticking sharp objects into a woman’s uterus, we must make abortion legal.  That way people that went to school will be performing the procedure.

When does two wrongs make a right? 

Liberals tell me all the time, “abortion should be safe, legal and rare.”  Why should it be rare?  I thought it was a constitutional right?  Do we want to make free speech rare?  Do we want to make jury trials rare?  Do we want to make the giving of Miranda rights rare?  A Constitutional right is something to be celebrated, not something to be performed rarely.

As soon as a pro-abort hears the issue come up, they immediately fall back on their default question:  “don’t you believe in abortion in cases of rape and incest?”  No, why would you?  Do two wrongs make a right?  If a man rapes a woman, do you think it really brings closure to the woman to have another man take the life of that innocent child?  Is there any other circumstance in the law where victimization is solved by victimizing someone else?

When the terrible crime of rape is committed, there is no perfect answer to fixing it.  But many women feel that the best way to bring closure is adoption for that baby.  Rather than ending a violent act in another violent act, many women have determined to reply to their violent act, through an act of kindness.

Adoption isn’t so bad.  Many children born of rape have grown up to live happy and productive lives.

Many people that were born into imperfect circumstances grew up to become great citizens of society.  A child born into a broken home, with racially-divided parents and little money certainly wasn’t likely to become President of the United States, but Barack Obama did.  Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple creator Steve Jobs, quotes Jobs as thanking his biological mother (who gave him up for adoption) for not aborting him.  While the abortion lobby will always frame this as “a woman’s right to choose.”  We should also be aware of a the other human being’s right to life, or “right to choose” life.

A woman’s right to choose

A woman’s right to choose, is simply that.  It is her choice alone.  Our nation’s babies our not given a choice.  I have a feeling that if we could ask these young babies whether they wanted to live or die, they would choose life.  Furthermore, we should alter the slogan to say, “I support a Roe survivor’s right to choose.”  Because male babies aren’t the only ones aborted.  A large percentage of the next generation of women that would have been able to take advantage of their “right to choose” never got that choice, because their own parents exercised it.  For those who purportedly care about women, we should remember, unborn girls have been the victims of abortions more often than boys.

Does anyone believe that an abortion is ever a “safe” procedure for women?  The state of the western women’s movement has always chosen to ignore the health risks to women undertaking abortions.

In fact, there is a concerted effort by the abortion lobby to cover up the truth about abortion.  Is there any other medical procedure under the sun where we consternate over the outcome and justify it by saying that it is a “deeply personal decision?”  Of course not, the reason is that there is a moral layer added to the abortion issue that is not present in other medical procedures.

Planned Parenthood never tells ex-mothers and ex-fathers that ever year on Mother’s and Father’s Day for the rest of their life, they will think back on the child that they lost.  The American Medical Association is steadfast in its continuing refusal to recognize Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS).  Our politicians talk about women’s rights rather than acknowledging the interests of the multi-billion dollar abortion industry in the U.S.

Fallen sisters and brothers

As Thomas Jefferson said, we are all uniquely endowed by our creator and given the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Abortion is the pinnacle of an assault on personal liberty, as it takes away life and liberty and snuffs out any potential pursuit of happiness.

For people my age, in their twenties, when we sit in our classrooms or go to work we should think about the fact that almost a quarter of our entire generation never made it out of the womb.  For some people, the person aborted could’ve been the person they would grow up to marry.  For others, it could have been a man that would coach our children’s football team and become a mentor for them to be a better person.  For others, it could have been a woman that could have developed the cure for cancer or AIDs.

It is terrible to think how we have begun to think the most innocent and loving among us.  If we go by a dictionary definition, our nation is barbaric, defined as “exceedingly brutal,” and “savagely cruel” in the way that we treat so many of our own babies.  We as a nation, myself included, allow children to be treated worst than most animals in nature treat their children.

From a Biblical perspective, God cannot bless a nation that sacrifices their own children on the alter of self-interest.  He just can’t.  Standing up for widows, orphans and those who cannot defend themselves is closer to God’s heart than any other interest.

The solution.

The science since Roe has now prevented people from calling the unborn a “clump of tissue.”  In fact science, has taught us two things.  An unborn embryo is undeniably human, meaning there is no chance that it can grow into any species except for a human being.  Secondly, from conception, we know that these fertilized eggs or zygotes are alive.  They are not dead, they are not in a state between life and death, but are indeed alive.  They will grow at exponential speeds with the assistance of the same thing babies need outside of the womb – nutrition and shelter.

Science has proven they are alive human beings yet this has accomplished few rights for these people.

Democrats are largely committed to the death of our nation’s children who are in danger of being born into un-optimal circumstances.  Republicans are largely frauds on the issue.  MAYBE one in four elected republicans at the federal level believe this is a front-burner issue.

The politics of abortion has survived forty years.  Whether it is a budget battle, a judicial nomination or healthcare reform, it always rears its ugly head.  It has out-survived the other issues of its day — the Soviet Union, the Clinton scandal, the gay rights debate, the free speech debate, the gun rights debate.  Here we are, more entrenched than ever.  This issue will never go away, and yet politics has failed to find a solution.

The only real solution is going to be the Christian Church.  On problems such as this, issues that are promulgated from hell itself, only Jesus Christ can change hearts and minds.  Morality is written on the hearts of women and men.  But, society can easily re-write these innate virtues.  The fight to gain the “right” to abort children started long before 1973, and the fight to reverse it will likely take longer.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that getting that one special SCOTUS justice will do the trick.  I can’t tell you a Republican Congress will take the life issue out of the jurisdiction of SCOTUS.  I can’t tell you a state fetal pain bill will be upheld or that defining life at conception in a state Constitution will be a winner or that a constitutional Amendment is on the way or that I see a POTUS willing to take on SCOTUS in its overreach.  Politics have failed us.  Politics have failed fifty million people.

But the good news is that we are fighting on all of those fronts.  Heroes in the generation that came before us, worked hard to reverse course on this issue and we are seeing some real yields at the state level.  Until then, we should continue to do what many of our ancestors did prior to the Civil War.  We should speak up for those who have no legal voice (standing), who the courts have declared subhuman and without rights.  No one is closer to the heart of God than those who cannot speak for themselves.  Christians have an obligation to stand for these people.  Conservatives and liberals have a responsibility to fight for everyone’s rights, even the least among us.

Polls indicate that more and more younger voters believe abortion is wrong.  But that doesn’t necessarily translate into legislative victories.  We have to continue to change hearts and minds by talking to our friends, by embracing women that have had to go through the terrible experience that is abortion.  For men this means taking responsibility when you have sex.  Slavery took over a hundred years to overturn, plus a war.  This fight will be no easier, but it is possible.  We are on the right side of history.  We have the facts and the new digital age makes it a bit easier to fight disinformation.

People don’t want to talk about this issue.  It isn’t sexy.  It isn’t comfortable.  None of us want to do it.  But it is necessary.  As long as you do it with love, kindness and respect, no fair-minded person can really hold your advocacy against you.

We can do this.