The South Carolina Debate in Review

Last night’s CNN debate was feisty.  The GOP is strong on most issues but we need to step outside of the echo chamber when necessary.


I realize that no party can provide Hispanics, residing in the US, sanctuary or they will be accused of offering amnesty, but come on!  We have to do something about these people living here.  They aren’t going home and we aren’t deporting them so let’s figure out something that works.  Everything else is just noise.  We are going to make lifetime members of a community stand trial in front of their peers?  Seriously?  The only compromise worth pursuing is clear.  Republicans need to demand a wall and that this will never happen again.  Democrats need to demand that these people are treated like people and given a status that doesn’t mean a trail of tears southward.


Newt will be a soft president on life.  Romney is obviously a fraud that has no intention of overturning Roe.  Santorum is the real deal.  Paul is weak, however . . .

Representative Paul is right, a simple majority of the Congress could Constitutionally take the life issue out of the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.  The Court would in return, rule that only they can determine what issues their jurisdiction presides over.  But it would be up to Congress and the President to determine whether to uphold their laws over the SCOTUS’s opinions.

Big Government

Over and over and over republicans discuss getting the budget under control, but like tonight, as always, we as a party are only willing to cut democrat-supported welfare programs.  We have to be willing to cut  defense spending.  It is easy to say, “it’s the democrats fault” but we have to lead.  If we don’t start by cutting our programs, how can we expect them to cut theirs?  Cutting starts with the bloated budget.


Gingrich handled it well.  It is probably true.  Gingrich will be forgiven.  ABC’s journalistic integrity has been called into question by airing this story at this time.  If you don’t believe there is a mainstream media bias, you may be biased.


Everyone, democrat and republican, is falling into line on internet censorship.  The netroots of both parties has become strong and no one wants to cross them.  Santorum suggested that it was a wild west out there and that he would do something to protect the big businesses.  We already have a procedure in place to deal with copyright infringement.  Passing laws will only hurt the law abiding.  This bill needs to die in all of its forms.

Tax Returns

Let’s face it.  We all know calling on other candidates to release their taxes is a ploy.  It is meaningless.  But boy did Romney seem uncomfortable.  His face said it all.

Romney is a fraud

Rick Santorum had an extended attack on Romney that was fantastic.  He clearly laid out the effects of Romneycare in Massachusetts and how Romney would be unable to defend it against Obama.  Romney couldn’t answer.  This was Santorum’s best debate so far.


Newt Gingrich may win South Carolina.  He certainly showed he was ready to tonight.