Obama is a fool

Yesterday, Obama decided to turn away jobs and money funneling into our limping economy.  I haven’t been one to attack Obama at every turn.  His presidency has not been a complete failure.  He has succeeded on national defense and other minor issues.  But this denial of energy on behalf of the American people through the XL Pipeline could stand to be his most memorable failure to date.

I spoke on this recently issue here:


Obama obviously believes that turning down the pipeline this long before the election will ensure that this issue doesn’t have the life to bring him down.  He could be wrong.   This could be undoing.  To quote a great senator, this could be his waterloo.  This is the type of issue that could bring his approval rating from 45.6% into the high thirty’s.

We expect democrats to be against common sense on many issues.  They are the party that stands against the unborn, they are the party that stands for tax increases.  But the party that lets the environmental lobby determine energy policy, jobs and national security?  This makes for very bad policy.

The United States of America has now turned down an oil pipeline that our neighbor had offered to sell us for a cheap price.  American workers would bring the oil down to Texas.  American’s would then refine the oil.  American workers would transport the oil to American sellers, who would sell the oil to us, American citizens.  The oil would be from our friends.  We would not be sending money to hostile nations.  Instead, we would be helping our neighbors and providing North American energy.  Using our own resources has to be a key to getting off of foreign oil.

The best part of this is that Obama blamed republicans for creating an “arbitrary” timeline when it was Barack Obama himself who late last year revealed that he would not grant or deny the permit until after the election, as it would hurt his re-election.

The Canadians now plan to export the oil to China.  Rather than going to US refineries, they will go to Chinese refineries.  Instead of being used by us, by people in Virginia and Pennsylvania and Ohio and Florida, Chinese citizens will get the oil.  Obama has essentially sent the oil to China, increasing the risk of spill and increasing the green house gases it takes to transport the oil.  We have spurned oil from a neighbor and a friend in order to instead send it to our enemies.  I am embarrassed and ashamed of our President.

Yesterday, he forgot that he represented all of the people of the United States.  He determined to represent a small minority of activists while the rest of us are forced to buy oil from OPEC at high prices.  He has shown a complete lack of common sense.  The candidates are going to rip him apart on this tonight.

Republicans should aim to keep this one live for awhile.  Such naked partisanship has the potential to bring down a president, and it should.  We can only hope that Transcanada re-submits their bid and we get a president who understands job creation, energy policy and how to get us out of a recession.  What an embarrassment he has become.