Under no circumstances should anyone lessen the impact of American soldiers urinating on dead bodies

As I write this article this morning, I am appalled by the diary of an imbecile on redstate.com that looks to potentially blunt the impact on the photo released of American soldiers “taking a piss” on deceased bodies of our enemies.

In the midst of much historical jargon, he writes: “And to hear the likes of Dame Hillary upbraid our warriors for pissing on a few corpses, and to do it with such smug outrage, is damnable. I don’t care what the background circumstances might be.”

A few Redstate contributors go on to largely agree with his asinine assessment.

Let’s be clear, under no circumstances should we condone, excuse or permit our soldiers to take a piss on our enemies bodies.  As Americans, we believe that our soldiers should be the best among us and we hold them to a standard in line with our great American heritage.  When republicans speak of American exceptionalism, it shouldn’t be campaign rhetoric, we really need to act like the leaders that we are.

If it were up to me, I would suspend the account of this foolish writer because it reflects so badly on the values of conservatives and redstate.com.  Fighting a war doesn’t mean we forget who we are.  It certainly doesn’t mean that we have the freedom to desecrate human bodies.  We are the greatest nation on Earth for a reason and we cannot condone the betrayal of those reasons.