Rick Perry knows me

Tomorrow, Iowans will go to their local school or library to choose their nominee.  Mitt Romney will come in first or second.  Ron Paul will be irrelevant no matter how well he does.  But what should concern conservatives is who the other guy is.  Who will be the winner not named Romney or Paul?  I have becoming increasingly convinced that Governor Rick Perry is the strongest candidate for president in this field.  He isn’t the best debater or the sharpest thinker but on the stump and in interviews he has that intangible qualities that we need right now — the qualities that win elections.

“Elanor Roosevelt liked to tell a story about her husband’s funeral.  When FDR died in 1945 and a crowd surged down Constitution Avenue to witness his funeral cortege, a man collapsed to the ground in grief. After he regained his composure, the man standing next to him asked, ‘Did you know the president?’  As he got to his feet, the first man replied, ‘No, but he knew me.'” (Taken from, the Promise, by Jonathan Alter)

When I look at Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, these are candidates that all lack the qualities necessary to make a great president that people fall in love with.  They may turn out to be decent candidates but they aren’t going to be Reagan or Washington.

When I look at Governor Perry — I see a guy that knows me, that knows us.  I see a guy that understands what it is like be without money or a job.  He is someone that has helped to create an atmosphere where people can find jobs in a recession.  Texas is now a place creating manufacturing jobs for new ipads while the rest of the country bleeds jobs.  That is a message that can win an election.

Perry is really the total package.  He has recently become 100% pro-life.  He holds a responsible position on immigration.  He is a pro-family guy that believes in marriage.  He has governed a large state for ten years.  He has brought together democrats and republicans.  He is a federalist.  He stands for school choice.  He believes in intelligent design.  He will not pull punches as John McCain did or Mitt Romney will when going up against Barack Obama.

Iowans: this is a guy we can trust.  If conservatives can get behind Perry, they may able to, for the first time in a generation not have to guard against being stabbed in the back by other republicans but instead push forward on the stuff that matters.

Perry is in fifth place right now, but the caucus process can alter that.  A third place showing can put Perry into play enabling him to come back and win South Carolina.  This could be our last chance to have someone that can slay both Romney and Obama and that should be our ultimate goal.

CNN is reporting that Perry has 1500 precinct leaders and the money to bring it home.  That means something in this type of contest.

We need someone that won’t simply stop the growth of government but that will shrink it.  Holding the line isn’t good enough anymore, we need to push back.  Perry can do that and he knows me.