Rick Perry Strengthens his stance on Life

Over the Christmas weekend, Rick Perry decided to strengthen his stance against the practice of abortion.  Perry, who I was at one point hesitant to support due to his support of abortions being performed on unborn babies IF those children’s conception were a result of rape or sexual relations between family members, has now changed his view to the more consistent stance of protecting all human beings from the practice of abortion.

This change of heart comes after watching a recent documentary in Iowa and just a few days before the Iowa Caucuses.  Honestly, I don’t care what Perry’s motivations are, the important thing is that the pro-life movement is gaining ground.  I support Rick Perry for President and a move like this makes me want to hit the phone banks for him.  Whether the decision is political or not, we will hold him to it.  This is our guy and this really is our moment to get somebody decent to win in Iowa.

As pro-lifers, the burden is on us — the protectors of life, to pressure our leaders to take the right moral, scientific and political stance.  Sure, democrats will demonize such a position in the general election, but it is the right position.  Besides, voters realize that if you believe a fetus is a human life, the only consistent position is to protect all life in line with the Hippocratic Oath.  Anything else is an attempt to have your cake while eating it.

This makes me personally, very proud of Rick Perry and gives me hope that he can pull together a coalition strong enough to take down a Massachusetts Liberal, an extreme libertarian republican, the has-been and disgraced former Speaker, as well as the former Senator that supported Specter over Toomey and lost his Senate seat by almost 20 points.

I am going to hit people like Stupak and Nelson hard when they betray us.  So we need to reward our guys when they make the right call.

Well done Governor.