Happy Festivus!

As fellow Seinfeld fans will note, tomorrow is Festivus.  The greatest day of the year.  It is the one day a year where loved ones join together to tell people what has been bothering them for the past year.  Today, on December 23, Festivus, I ask you to join me your political grievances of 2011.

Riders.  When will both parties in Congress stop attaching un-germane bills together.  Why shouldn’t each bill be voted on by its merits.  Unlike many subjects, there is absolutely no gain to this practice outside of political gamesmanship.

72 Hour Rule.  House Republicans lied to us this year and passed bills that hadn’t been introduced for at least 72 hours.  The purpose of this promise was a rebuke of Nancy Pelosi who would literally whip votes on a bill that didn’t exist, add sweeteners for the undecided votes and then vote on the bill within a few hours.  A speed reader wouldn’t of had time to read a bill.  Republicans broke this promise when it caved on budget deals.  Republicans need to be the party of honor and integrity.  Boehner didn’t have to make that promise in the first place, but once he did he shouldn’t of backed off it.

John Boehner.  The Speaker of the House has accomplished a lot of things during this Congress to be proud of.  However, one of the most sickening things I’ve seen during the past year was when John Boehner literally sold out the pro-life movement when he traded cuts from Obama around $30 billion of future cuts, in exchange for caving on abortion giant, Planned Parenthood and its federal funding.  We need people in leadership that in no uncertain terms, believe that infanticide shouldn’t be propped up by the taxpayer.  This can be a winning issue if we had some republicans in leadership that actually believed it was as important as protecting millionaire tax cuts.

Mitch McConnell.  Unlike John Boehner, I cannot think of a single good thing Mitch McConnell has done for the republican base during this entire year.  Last week we all watched Ron Johnson narrowly be defeated for a Senate leadership position.  This was in no small part, thanks to Mitch.  Anyone who has read Jim DeMint’s book, “the Tea Party Goes to Washington” knows what kind of shrewd enemy McConnell is to the conservative movement.  I wish we had a new batch of people in 2012 that would vote for someone who cared about the conservative movement to lead the Senate.  When we take back the Senate next year, I can’t wait to see all of the ways Mitch McConnell can figure out to screw us.  We should ask our candidates running for the Senate whether they will oppose McConnell as Majority Leader come November.

Ron Paul Haters.  Look, I get it, most of the traditional republican base vehemently disagrees with Ron Paul.  His supporters are annoying.  They are scared because the next generation of republicans by and large, love Paul.  He poses a threat to the social conservative movement within the party, he poses a threat to the neo-con agenda and he poses the threat of making small government advocates seem extreme.  But republicans shouldn’t be so quick to label someone a “Paul-bot”.  Or to dismiss the supporter outright.  Young people are jumping on board with his pure libertarianism ideals, the only way for us to retain control of the parties on the issues we hold deal, isn’t through calling people “bots” or “crazy.”  But by refuting them on the merits.

Republicans who expect us all to fall in line behind whoever the republican presidential nominee is really frustrate me.  There are people all over redstate.com that are constantly trying to pressure people with the question, “will you support whoever wins the republican nomination?”  No, I won’t.

Because I am a thinking citizen and a  logical voter that will be evaluating all of his options once the party chooses its nominee, I can’t make that promise.  I am a Christian first, a conservative second and a republican third.  Sadly, there are people out there who try to get us to vote for anyone, Mike Castle or Joe Lieberman or even Mitt Romney just because they have an R behind their name.  Any thinking voter doesn’t agree 100% with Michael Steele or George W. Bush on what it means to be a republican.  We have to decide individually what it means to be a republican.  I am a republican because I believe in smaller government, retaining our cultural values and I believe that unborn human beings have the right to life and are protected under the Fourteenth Amendment.

If the republican party nominates a governor that grew government, went to war with the right to life movement and has no interest in protecting the cultural interests I hold dear, then I deserve the right to vote independent.  I would rather go to war with Obama for four more years than be stabbed in the back by Mitt Romney.  Being true to your own convictions and religion are more important than preventing Obama from having a second term.  So, yeah there is a 90% chance I’ll support your nominee, but you can’t nominate someone that has a record of fighting me and then blame me when your candidate loses.  It is madness.  No one likes a pushy salesman.

Liberals who continue to tell us that we need to be more tolerant of alternative lifestyles and viewpoints.  When did it become a negative character trait to stand up for your values?  When did “tolerance” become the supreme character trait to be admired?  Why is it acceptable for the far left to not be tolerant of my views that reflect the views of the God of the Bible, while it is unacceptable for me to not accept their views of sin.

Barack Obama thinks his record stacks up to the top four presidents of all time, are you kidding me?  To start, we won’t even discuss the three greatest presidents of all time (Washington, Jefferson, Reagan).  Second, I’m not sure anyone considers Johnson to even be in the top ten.  Third, Obama is struggling to keep his head above water out there.  Even if I put on my non-partisan hat, every speech or interview he gives is white noise.  It reminds me that he doesn’t really have a vision for how to get us out of this mess.  Spending the most money does not equal greatness, accomplishment or success.  Obama acts as if the president who signs the most ambitious legislation is the best.  I don’t understand how someone who is so smart can repeatedly say such stupid things.

People opting to say “Happy Holidays” rather than Merry Christmas.  What the heck?  People don’t say “Happy Holidays” on thanksgiving.  We don’t scream “Happy Holidays” when the clock strikes twelve on New Years.  Why do we replace Christmas with Holidays?  The reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Christ our Lord and that can’t be replaced with Holidays.

Happy Festivus all, enjoy your own airing of grievances, aluminum poll, feats of strength while listening to Festivus past.  Happy Festivus!