At this pace, Jon Huntsman won’t be the nominee in 2012 or 2016

Jon Huntsman should not have been invited to Iowa on Thursday night as Mickey Mouse is still outpolling him.  But he was.  Governor Huntsman has really grown on me during this election cycle.  At the beginning I thought of him as a fraud.  I have come to realize that he has a decently conservative record but simply refuses to talk about the issues conservatives are passionate about.

As this cycle wears on, it becomes clear that Huntsman was never running to become the nominee, he was running to become the de facto nominee of 2016 after Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney loses this election to Barack Obama.  Huntsman has a lot of pluses.  I could even vote for Huntsman, but his performance Thursday night underscores the true problem with him.

Huntsman pretends to be a noble pol that doesn’t pander, pledge or promise.  In fact all he is doing is avoiding being tied down to issues that conservatives care about.  Thursday night, the Governor said he didn’t sign any of those “silly” pledges as he didn’t want to pander.  He was talking about pledges like the Norquist pledge, the Susan B. Anthony pledge, the problem is, these aren’t silly pledges, they are tangible documents that tell voters, “I am with you.”

Huntsman can’t sign a pledge because he knows he is way out of step with the base.  He can’t pledge to do anything on the abortion front, because he doesn’t plan to; he can’t promise to nominate conservative justices because it isn’t an important issue to him.  It was interesting that while all the presidential candidates pointed to Scalia or Thomas as their “favorite” SCOTUS Justice, Huntsman pointed to the more moderate John Roberts over Scalia.  Huntsman is sending a message to moderates and the establishment for 2016 but we need to listen up too.

It is idiotic for a national politician to pretend as if he never panders.  Barack Obama didn’t become president by not pandering.  He went around and made promises to big labor, enviro’s, pro-aborts, homosexuals and healthcare advocates.  He locked down his special interest groups through reminding them that he was with them.  Huntsman is living in the wrong era.  There was a time where we needed a candidate that was “common sense” down the middle.  It would be nice if we didn’t have to delve into infanticide, unjust wars, attacks on the culture, etc.  These issues are distracting and we all hate that we have to fight them.  We all wish that we could simply focus on jobs and the economy.  Unfortunately, we can’t.

Conservatives weren’t itching for a fight on cultural issues, we were pulled in by the left.  In the 60’s they declared war on religion, in the 70’s they declared war on the unborn and in the 90’s they declared war on the family.  I would much rather be writing  this article about jobs, but the left has taken that option away from us.

The pro-abort President began paying for overseas abortions on DAY ONE in the White House.  He has spent the last four years tearing down the cultural victories we achieved through eight years of Bush.  It would be nice if we didn’t have to fight, if we didn’t have to backtrack and push back.  Unfortunately, we do.  That is why I won’t be supporting Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie in 2016.  That is why we shouldn’t be supporting Jon Huntsman or Mitt Romney in 2012.

Because of liberal democrats constantly pushing the culture to the left we don’t have the option to not remain vigilant.  We are not able to simply ignore the attacks on our country.

Huntsman can pretend to be above the fray but a politician who doesn’t make promises to the people most interested in voting, is a politician left without passionate supporters, he is a candidate without a base.

I have wavered on Huntsman in the past, but if a candidate doesn’t stand with us then he is going to be by default against us.  If he doesn’t want to protect the family, then we are going to continue to lose ground incrementally.  If he will not fight tooth and nail to protect innocent life, babies will continue to die.  If he believes raising taxes is the way to get the budget under control, he will tarnish the republican brand and damn us to the minority as Bush I did many years ago.

I like Huntsman a lot, but he doesn’t seem to get it yet.

I hope that Mr. Huntsman will wake up soon and realize that he needs us more than we need him.