Voting for Newt Gingrich is worst than fighting with your wife

Voting for Newt in the Iowa Caucus or any primary would be akin to yelling at your wife.

When you fight with your spouse, stray and undisciplined statements come into your head that you want to say to her, even though you know you shouldn’t.  As the first word leaves your mouth you feel energized, righteous and even vindicated, but as the last word leaves your lips — reality hits, you just made a huge mistake.  In that millisecond where you survey the landscape, you suddenly realize that what seemed like a good idea such a short time ago, was in fact the worst idea you’ve had in a long time.

Sometimes when we’re upset–especially when we’ve been wronged, we can’t think or see clearly.  We do or say things we soon regret.  Primary voters: YOU HAVE BEEN WRONGED.  Americans have been slighted.  Barack Obama promised that he would stop the bleeding.  He promised to lower the unemployment rate years ago, to put the economy back on track and to restore bipartisanship to the country.  He failed us.  After two years of working unilaterally and claiming “bipartisanship” after offering to let Republicans vote for Democrat initiatives, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  When a President ignores our beliefs, values and voice in America, we are angry and rightly so.

But just because we’re angry doesn’t mean we should act irrationally.  We shouldn’t blurt out what is in our head just for the temporary euphoria that comes with it.  We can’t afford to use the primary process as a cathartic experience to vote for who we think might take it to Obama.  It doesn’t mean we should nominate Newt Gingrich as our guy just because therapeutically, he’s a fighter.  If we nominate him, it won’t be long before we regret it.

The reason our regret will set in is two-fold: Newt isn’t much more conservative than Romney and his isn’t electable in this cycle.

To be blunt, Newt Gingrich is going to be a loser in the General Election.  I realize many Newt supporters vehemently disagree but it is the simple truth.  Conservatives from coast to coast are excited by the idea of Newt becoming the nominee and going up against Obama.  We envision Lincoln-Douglas Debates where Newt presents solutions while Obama stutters and backpedals on his policies.

Many younger republicans are wondering where this guy came from and are excited to see his fight.  Well, he has been around for a political lifetime and has a lifetime of political baggage to show for it.  The reason Newt is a new commodity to many, is because most of us chose to forget about him, opting instead, to put him out of sight and out of mind.  Like Pat Robertson, George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, Denny Hastert and John McCain, we thank them for their service and look towards greener pastures.  We appreciate them as talking heads but we don’t yearn for their return.

Newt didn’t just retire from politics, he was forced out following a fall from grace that embarrassed the party at its height a mere ten years ago.  The party moved on.  Newt became a lobbyist.  Newt’s revolution became a note in history.

Fast Forward to 2010.  The grassroots created the tea party revolution which yielded more seats than Newt’s revolution of 1994.  This is OUR revolution.  Senator Jim DeMint, Redstate and Erick Erickson, thousands of Tea Party leaders around the nation made this happen.

In 2012, we have an ineffective and impotent President.  We have a 1980 Reagan moment.  The conservative caucus in the House rivals the size of the establishment and we have essentially whipped RINO’s into shape.   Jim DeMint and his Senate Conservative Coalition, forced Mitch McConnell to vote to ban earmarks this term.  This is a great time to be a conservative.  We can’t afford to blow it.

Before we yell at our spouse, think about the wonderful family day you have planned for tomorrow.  Your wife will be mad, the kids will be on edge.  If we show a little temperance today we will do better tomorrow.  We can get someone who is conservative AND can win.  Rather than someone who is hit-or-miss on the conservative and sure to lose to Obama.  Nothing will feel better on election day than winning and making Obama a one term President.

Newt is a fighter and he would take it to Obama in a General like McCain never did.  The possibility of someone finally calling Obama on his disastrous term that has harmed the country that we love is appealing.  I get it.  Republicans want to see a Lincoln-Douglas debate where Gingrich rips Obama a new one.  But right-leaning voters have to resist the urge.

Newt is a loser.  Next year is too important to take a risk on a proven loser like Newt Gingrich.  Newt, lost the shut down of government in 2005, he lost the media battle to the President over impeachment.  Former republican House members are speaking out against Newt running saying his time in the House was “petty” and “tumultuous.”

In a year when reform is needed, we can’t afford to run a lobbyist who has spent his lifetime in Washington D.C.  This is a really bad idea!  Voting for a lobbyist and political pro today may be as sweet as candy but we are going to have a huge stomach ache this summer and for the four years after that.  How is a Sallie Mae Represenative/lobbyist/”Historian” going to win in this kind of cycle?  IT WON’T HAPPEN.

Newt left the House in part to ethical violations stemming from his Speakership.  When Nancy Pelosi was at the height of her political career, her caucus praised her.  When Newt was at the pinnacle, his caucus begged him to leave.

Even if Newt were to win (and he won’t) what do we get?  A hypocrite that believes in government mandates to solve problems?  We can do better than this.

In the end, drinking one too many shots of alcohol might be a great idea today, but could yield large regrets tomorrow.  Worst than a fight with your spouse or a sugar or alcohol hangover is four more years of Obama, I don’t see how we can do it.  Don’t vote for a loser, even if it feels good.  Early primary states have to think clearly and vote for someone who has a proven record on jobs in their state.  That is the only kind of narrative that can beat Obama in 2012.

Tim Griffin is the edior or griffinelection.com