Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia

At the end of last week, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced that he would be running for Governor against current Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.  This is great news for the Republican Party here in the Commonwealth.  This is by far the easiest endorsement I have had to make.

Cuccinelli has upset Bolling by stepping “out of line” as Lieutenant Governors usually have the opportunity to run first, however Bolling decided not to run four years ago and has continued to show that he is not willing to rock the boat.  In all honesty, Bolling would be a terrible candidate and a loser.  He is establishment in a Commonwealth where the tea party grassroots rivals the size of the establishment.  This is the guy that owns stock and thus profits financially from the sale of the Morning After Pill.  He doesn’t really stand for much.  Bolling is allegedly bent out of shape that Cuccinelli didn’t wait longer to announce.  Actually, he’s angry that he just saw his chance to be governor go out the window.

For national republicans that are unfamiliar with these two candidates, the difference is stark.  It is like having to decide between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush I.  The choice is now clear.  The base will be excited.  Cuccinelli is one of us and he will have my vote whether we have a convention or a primary.

Cuccinelli is the AG who has questioned the practice of giving homosexuals special rights, cracked down on abortion clinics and taken action in the area of immigration, federalism and religious liberty.

I am excited to stand with Ken Cuccinelli.