Hold the line against taxes.

There are murmurs coming out of Congressional Republicans and the Debt Super Committee that “revenue raising” is on the table to complete the debt deal.

For republicans that want to be re-elected and keep those cushy majority party posts, taxes are not on the table.

Revenue raising is a focus group tested term for taxes.  There is no question that the budget needs to be taken under control but not at the cost of growth.  Compromising to accomplish something should be valued and exemplified.   But compromising the soul of our party goes too far.  The bedrock of the Republican Party is low taxes.  Republicans weren’t swept into Congress last year because voters thought that they had the best hope of compromising with the losers that were already in D.C.  The voters elected this Congress because they believed that their guys would be warriors for the cause and the country.  Voters believed that these republicans would oppose taxes, bailouts and the growth of government. 

Now republicans are being tested.  There is no question that Boehner’s spine will give out pretty early on in these debates but the conservative faction of the party in the House MUST demand NO TAXES, no revenue raising or any other code word for taking people’s money. 

The consequences may be great as the defense budget will be gutted, and if it that happens, who’s fault is it?  House republicans because they enabled the creation of a circus committee.  Where else was it supposed to lead? 

Republicans should remember, the worst thing in the world isn’t that the defense budget gets decreased, it is that republicans vote for tax increases.  If Romney is the nominee and these republicans allow a tax increase, you can forget about 2012 because you will have few conservatives behind you. 

On the bright side, if there was one place to cut the budget, it would be, first and foremost on defense spending.  There are troops all over the world we could bring home and bases that we could close while still maintaining a presence all around and close to China or the Middle East.  The only thing off of the table should be tax increases. 

Taxes never actually match spending cuts, they allow the government a safety net for irresponsibility.  

Conservatives need to make up their minds today that they will fight Boehner and the spineless wing of the party in opposing tax increases on anyone.  Try to hold the line this time.