RIP Perry Campaign

Last night was sad.  Everyone has had a brain freeze, but you can’t do it under the brightest lights where you have to bring you’re A game.  

For the one person in America that hasn’t seen the clip yet, Rick Perry takes 53 seconds to make a point and still can’t make it.  Perry may have single handedly torpedoed his own campaign last night.  His debate performances have led us all to wonder whether his intelligence was lacking or if he simply the worst debater of modern times.  Either way, Perry is done.  He needed a comeback in the next 50 days but I’m not sure its possible at this point.

The one benefit Perry has is:

  1. There is no conservative to replace him,
  2. There is another debate on Saturday.

To his credit, the rest of Perry’s performance showed preparation, but it wasn’t enough. 

I am ready to leave Perry, but the problem is there is no one to go to.  Cain is lying repeatedly and going down in flames, Romney is a liberal and Gingrich has his own problems.

I think Perry is done but I will give him a second chance at Saturday’s debate. 

I will be taking second looks at Bachmann and Santorum.