With friends like Haley Barbour, who needs enemies?

Haley Barbour has been a consistent conservative throughout his term as Governor of Mississippi.  But yesterday, Barbour let down the pro-life movement when it needed him most. 

On Tuesday night, Mississippi’s personhood amendment failed with more than 55% of the people voting against it.  Leading up to yesterday’s election, the support for and against the amendment was completely split with 45% for and 44% against, with 11% undecided. 

Over 3,000 surgical abortions are administered annually in Mississippi.    

With 11% undecided, it was going to be close, and advocates of the unborn were going to need everything they had to pass it.  It was obvious early on that such a strict measure would need all of the help it could get persuading the undecided.    

But, every time I saw Haley Barbour on television this week, he was discussing how legitimate pro-lifers could vote against protecting life from conception.  He repeatedly said that he voted for it but had his own reservations on whether it should pass. 

The AP described his support as “wavering.” 

Politico described his support as “wavering.”

Barbour took a page out of the Romney playbook and saw which way the winds were blowing and blew over along with it.

Barbour, a political superstar and popular governor never threw his support 100% behind the measure.  He said that he voted for it, but hinted that others should not vote for it. 

The abortion lobby was all in against this measure and the right needed back up. 

This is an amendment that needed leadership and Barbour cowardly backed off of his support of the amendment.  He didn’t fight for it; he gave comfort to independents by providing cover for those who voted against it. 

With friends that say they “understand” why people don’t support your initiative and provide them a way out, who needs enemies?

Opponents of the measure were giving the same talking points as Barbour.  Which side was Barbour on?  Is he pro-life when it’s convenient only?  Is this an indication of how a Barbour administration would handle the life issue and stem cell research if he won the presidency in 2016? 

We have too many republicans who lend tepid support to the pro-life cause.  They are all in during the primary races but when you ask them to walk the walk; they find more important things to do.  Needless to say, the pro-life movement is very disappointed in Haley Barbour and will not forget his actions should he decide to run for president in 4 years.     

This is another defeat for the personhood amendment, but we will learn from this.  This isn’t as detrimental as Ohio’s loss.  The GOP lost a messaging war, but they will be back.  We will never stop fighting for the right of every American to live and be protected by the due process of law owed to them under the 14th Amendment.  We will pass a personhood amendment soon, and then we will have another shot in front of the Supreme Court. 

Until then, beware the Barbour republican who talks the talk, but refuses to walk the walk.