Mississippi Challenges Roe Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the people of Mississippi will head to the polls to vote various measures including Mississippi’s Personhood Amendment.  The proposed Amendment would give all humans – born-and-unborn the protection of due process under the law.

Republicans and the mythical “pro-life democrats” in Washington D.C. have failed us for FORTY YEARS.  Leaders in the nation have realized that if change is to come, it will start at the state level.  Mississippi has taken a leadership role along with at least 10 other states that have attempted similar measures.

If this measure can pass, it will represent the first realistic challenge to abortion in the past few years.  If it passes, it will go before the Supreme Court as a challenge to Roe.

Pro-abortion advocates truly believe they can continue to uphold the unconstitutional Roe decision.  But the ruling will be overturned.  Whether the battle begins tomorrow or in the future, killing the unborn has to be something that the PEOPLE have a say in, not something dictated to us from on high.  Until a consensus is reached this debate will never be concluded.

THOUSANDS of babies are aborted in Mississippi each year.  These legislators and concerned citizens should be applauded for their work on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.

Our prayers and support are with the people of Mississippi in fighting for life tomorrow.