To Pelosi, politics trump job creation.

This week, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi was asked if un-unionized workers in South Carolina working for the Boeing Corporation, should be allowed to keep their jobs.  Shockingly, Pelosi said that they shouldn’t.  She suggested that all the employees be fired and for the business to be moved to a unionized state.  This, during a recession. 

To Pelosi, the politics of throwing out red meat to her San Francisco base, is more important than actually having people bringing paychecks home.  She is so married to her ideology that she would literally take people’s jobs away from them in order to give them to someone else.

The point of a union, is to protect workers.  But Pelosi and many democrats are continuing the Twentieth Century tradition of using unions against its own workers. 

For too long there have been reports that unions were working against the true needs of its members.  Now, Pelosi reveals her true motives to the American people.  Promote the union, over the union workers. 

It isn’t coincidence that Pelosi didn’t create jobs when she was Speaker.  She had political priorities.  Jobs didn’t fall on that list.  But global warming, healthcare and corporate regs did.    

Today, Pelosi is saying that the “House is in play” in 2012.  Please allow me to assure her that it is not.  The democrat party is a party that exploits its voters in the name of helping its voters.   For now, America’s workers can rejoice and rest easy, knowing that the enemy of American jobs remains powerless in the House.