Autumn of love – protest corporate greed, embrace corporate lust.

With all of the college students camping out in Zuccotti Park, it was only a matter of time before the STD’s started to spread.  It is being called the Autumn of love, where any college-aged guy or gal can find a sure hook up by going down town to protest corporate greed, while embracing corporate lust. 

The New York Post has reported that people are breaking off from the Mob to get tested for STD’s and HIV.  A medical center has been established that is charging $15 – $20 for VD and pregnancy check-ups. 

It begs the question, how many of these “protesters” are really upset about the system, and how many of these guys are looking to get laid and fed for free. 

After all, the movement lacks vision.  The Tea Party had vision.  Even Cindy Sheehan had vision.  This mob has still failed to settle on a vision for the future.  It lacks something tangible that elected officials can put into motion.  It is similar to the Obama phenomenon, where he didn’t represent anything so people could paste their hopes and dreams on him.  

The Tea Party got organized and effected real change by handing Obama self-described “shellacking.”  Are these real protesters that will effect change or are they simply having too much fun to care. 

What are these protesters seeking? 

Some are surely seeking a soft socialism.  Many more are just the usual suspects of crazies.  But many of the reports suggest that this is mainly a gathering of young college students that don’t have to be at work.   That is why they are able to live there.  There is free food.  These students are looking to make friends, hook-up, party and generally have a good time and hopefully be involved in something bigger than themselves. 

At this point, the party scene is the biggest draw to these parks.  As soon as the cold weather really hits, it won’t feel as good out there, and that is when the movement will dissipate.  In the meantime, the movement will lack vision but will enable good times.  Liberals will attempt to co-opt the movement and create a tangible benefit to the Democrat party.     

 In the meantime, these kids will protest corporate greed while embracing a corporate sexuality.  They will add twitter friends on their iphones, stay warm through cheap clothes and blankets created by big corporations and eat food processed by Kraft, McDonalds and Proctor & Gamble.  For their sake, I hope they never achieve their goal of tearing down a single corporation, if they do, they may just starve.