Candidate Romney will be unable to carry the Senate.

 George Will wrote an article over the weekend, likening Candidate for President and former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney to former presidential candidate and Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis.   In the article he correctly noted that the grassroots and tea party movements of the republican party will not be excited about a Romney candidacy and that Romney could jeopardize republican efforts to take back the Senate.  He is absolutely right.  Romney will be a weight around the neck of every U.S. Senate candidate rather than a coattail to sweep them in on. 

Romney’s supporters are establishment types.  They aren’t the people that go by the phone bank after work to make an hour of phone calls.  Those types are the types of voters you need to win. 

According to the Cook political report, there are 9 “toss up” Senate races.  Without widespread grass roots support of a candidate, he is going to have a hard time.  This presents a problem for Senate races.  If Republicans want to repeal Dodd-Frank or pass any of their own bills, they need 60 votes.  If they want to repeal Obamacare, they need 51 votes.  Right now, they stand at 47 votes and picking up Senate Seats will be harder than it was in 2010 this year.

We already have great candidates like Jaime Radtke in Virginia, Josh Mandel in Ohio and Ted Cruz in Texas, but these guys need help and Romney simply won’t be able to deliver it.

Support for Romney could be so faint, we may just lose the White House entirely.