Dear Mobsters-for-money:

For over a month now, college students, the unemployed, homeless, anarchists, social misfits, liberals, democrats and socialists and young people looking to hook up and meet new friends, have joined all over the country to call for the tearing down of American capitalism with their blackberry’s and ipads. 

The irony is lost on no one.  But please let me address a frustrating cardboard sign I keep seeing.  “I am the 99%.”  It is everywhere.  The frustration that people have is that they have been told for so long that if they get their college degree and go through the motions, they deserve future success.  Unfortunately for them, that simply isn’t true.  Too many people are not willing work 60 hours a week and sacrifice eating out, their cell phone bill and their tv watching.  Success for most people is not easy. 

But most middle class people are looking at these protesters and wondering why aren’t they working hard for their families instead of “protesting” in tents.  Where is the work ethic?  It has become clear that these people do not represent the working class.  Are we expected to believe these are working Americans taking 6 weeks off of work?  They aren’t.  It is scary to come out of college with no job, but students have to be innovative, willing to sacrifice and hard working. 

These students should change the protest slogan, to “I am the 1% of America that doesn’t have to go to work and raise a family.”  That would be more appropriate for these people that want everything handed to them.  They have been given a college degree in America, but they want more.  Go to work, pay your taxes.  If you work hard and make more money and raise up your children in the way they should go, you’ll have a louder voice.  You won’t have to sleep in a tent and protest, you can start your own business, make your own hours, and treat your employees better than you were treated.  But that isn’t free!