The Libya Problem

Gaddafi is dead. He was dragged and shot in the head by his own subjects. Sic Semper Tyrranus. But what now?

There is a real debate going on between the two political movements. On the right, conservatives are arguing that we should’ve acted wisely and that the devil we know may be better than the devil that we don’t. This isn’t a romanticized idea of the exportation of freedom around the world, but it does make sense. Be responsible and look out for American interests above all else.

On the left, we have people celebrating the fact that Gaddafi is gone — and they should. But now what? It is ok to think of America as a force of freedom and justice in the world. The neo-cons have done this while, looking to topple foreign governments while rebuilding new ones. It is an idea that has worked in theory but has failed in real life applicablity as well as the cost to the American people.

So, what is the Obama doctrine? Obama can be the most successful foreign policy president of the last few years if he manuevers right. But he can just as easily give the next American president a new monster in Libya if he isn’t careful. Republicans and Democrats need to be careful before toppling governments in Africa, Asia and the middle east. Although freedom may be a unifying factor in the west upon which to form a social contract. These continents are not united by freedom as much as they are by religion.

Navigate these waters carefully Mr. President, I fear we are in for a very bumby ride.