Herman Cain is a pro-abort & thus, not our guy.

Herman Cain recently said to Piers Morgan that he would not “order people to get abortions” and that it was not the government’s role to get involved in protecting life. 

Despite what Mitt Romney would have you believe, a pro-life candidate is a candidate that believes that we should protect all human life no matter the cause of his or her conception, that no life can be taken under the 14th Amendment without due process of law, that taxpayers should never fund any abortion they are morally opposed to and that the federal government must sometimes step in when the states are acting atrociously as they did during reconstruction to protect black Americans.

Contrast this position with the pro-abort/pro-choice and my person favorite, the pro-life personally, pro-choice professionally candidate.  This candidate is always personally pro-life but doesn’t want to dictate abortion policy.  Like, Herman Cain, the pro-choicer believes it is murder to kill a baby in the womb, but is not strong willed enough or does not care enough to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  This candidate tries to muddy the waters.  They give us speeches and get elected but at the end of 40 years, we are no closer to stopping abortion than we were in 1973.    

Pro-life activists have been betrayed too many times by republican presidents that promised to end this issue only to give us Sandra Day O’Conner and Anthony Kennedy.  We need true believers on the bench and we need true believers in the White House.  We do not need candidates that will talk the talk, but people who will walk the walk.  We need candidates that wage war on people who would take innocent life.

Lukewarm on this issue is no longer good enough.  It has gotten us nowhere.

So what if some stem cell research is banned if other stem cells are allowed to be funded?  So what if we don’t pay for overseas abortions through the Mexico City Policy as an executive order rather than a congressional statute?  So what if we ban partial-birth abortion at 9 months but leave alternative methods of D&E abortions at 9 months? 

Hitting singles in the World Series does not win the championship.  You have to score runs at some point.      

We need someone like Mike Pence, Ken Cuccinelli or Phill Kline as a presidential candidate.  We need someone that will not stand for this injustice.  We need someone that will wage war on democrats who try to fund Planned Parenthood.  We need a true believer that will not cave. 

Sadly, I am not sure if that candidate exists on our stage.

But I can tell you that it is not Herman Cain and it is not Mitt Romney.  We need to push our candidates farther to the right on this issue.  It is life and death.  It is black and white.  It is wrong vs. right.  Herman Cain doesn’t have the kind of respect for life that is necessary to save lives in the future.  He demonstrated that through his double talk. 

Almost 40 years have passed since the Roe decision.  And what have we done?  It is not enough to have someone willing to hold the line.  We must have someone willing to push forward on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Herman Cain obviously isn’t that guy.