Dear Manchin, Nelson & Casey: The Pro-life movement is coming for your seats.

Yesterday, Republicans passed a pro-life bill that could have a minor impact in limiting Obamacare abortions, if it weren’t for President Obama and Senate Dems.  This comes back to the issue of not whether abortion is right or wrong, but whether taxpayers should be funding it.  This should be a no-brainer for “Pro-life” democrats, Joe Manchin (D-WV), Ben Nelson (D-NB) & Bob Casey (D-PA) to vote and campaign for because it isn’t getting 60 votes. 

If these three guys want NRLC endorsements during the next election cycle, they need to be jumping on the Senate version as a co-sponsor.  I want to see a press conference from a democrat where that democrat stands firm on the life issue.

The media complains that there isn’t enough pro-life democrats, but to be honest, I’ve never seen one.  Stories of pro-life democrats are about as true as reports of sasquatch sightings.  Any of these three men can change our thinking and help to broaden this issue across the political spectrum so that is becomes good policy in general, rather than a partisan talking point.    


In 2009, Barack Obama and Congressional Dems passed their “healthcare” reform bill that would expand abortions in the U.S.  The attack was even harder to swallow as former ally, Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI), DEMOCRAT, and other “pro-life DEMOCRATS” turned their back on the unborn when they needed him most.  The bill followed the Washington D.C. logic that all abortion funding “compromises,” follow by providing limitless funds to abortion groups while making them promise that the money would only be used to prop up, promote and prepare for abortions. 

Money for the literal abortion, the last stage in the process, would have to be paid by the abortion seeker.  But the overall cost that goes into making an abortion available, includes: parking, taxes for the abortion clinic, rent on the building, electric bills, abortion prep, abortion counseling, prep supplies, and retaining workers full time, was greatly reduced by the government subsidization of abortuaries. 

Barack Obama couldn’t comprehend (or didn’t want to) that money is fungible.  If you give money to a group to spend on goods A, it just frees up the money they already have to spend on goods B.  Money goes into the same pot.  The only difference is semantics.  Barack Obama and Congressional Dems cleverly found a new way to pay for abortion through their “Affordable Health Choices” act, also known as Obamacare.

Obamacare Abortions.

But yesterday, House Republicans shot off the opening salvo in response.    

House Reps voted 251-172 in favor of the legislation.

Now the bill goes to the Senate.  The bill will not find 60 votes to be passed, and even if it did, President Obama is the largest abortion rights supporter of our time and would veto it.

But that doesn’t mean Senate republicans shouldn’t vote for it and pro-life democrats shouldn’t show us how pro-life they are through their legislative walk, rather than their election talk.

Manchin, Nelson and Casey should walk the walk.

In particular, Senators, Joe Manchin, Ben Nelson and Bob Casey consistently tout their pro-life views while not handing us the pro-life voting records, and more importantly, fight to get votes in the first place. 

This is a problem that the pro-life community is tired of.  You aren’t pro-life if you sometimes support abortion.  Having a foot in both camps makes you pro-choice, because you believe in the choice. 

These three senators owe us PRESS CONFERENCES promoting the bill, promoting their votes and announcing their CO-SPONSORING of the bill.  That is what tells us you believe in something and deserve our vote.  If it was a jobs bill, these men wouldn’t approach it lethargicly, they would jump on board.

If these senators don’t fight with us, standing next to us on the battle ground, they can’t expect a hero’s welcome come election time.  If you don’t, we need to think about cleaning house.

If you aren’t for life, be a pro-abortion democrat.  Democrats believe in a great many things that are the antipathy of American values.  But be honest, say who you are because the lies make it worst.  Once your true colors are revealed, it doesn’t work out well.  Just ask Bart Stupak.    

The pro-life democrat on the national stage, up until now, has largely been a myth.  These men now have the chance to determine whether they want to be leaders or politicians.  Hopefully, if they choose to continue their ways as politicians, they will be rewarded with neither.   

Remember: Don’t ask us to fight for you next November, if you aren’t willing to fight for us this October.