Help Take Back the Virginia Senate in 3 weeks!

The Virginia Political Scene.

No one can forget the elation we felt after the election of Governor Bob McDonnell in Virginia and Chris Christie in New Jersey in 2009, following President Obama’s overwhelming electoral victory to the White House in 2008.  Since then, republicans in this swing state (Commonwealth) of Virginia, have controlled the state House of Delegates as well as the Governor’s mansion.  However, we have been unable to achieve many of our conservative goals because democrats still control the state Senate.

However, on November 8, in less than a month, we will have our chance to pick up the Senate.  Virginia’s Senate has 40 state Senator Seats.  All 40 Senators are up for re-election this year.  About 9 seats are realistically contested.  In some ways this will be a tough election because democrats gerrymandered the lines in the Senate in their favor.

However, republicans are still a favorite to pick up the five seats necessary to take the Senate and in turn, the entire state government.  Currently, there are 18 republicans in the Senate and 22 democrats in the Senate.  But we have been gerrymandered out of two seats.  We are hoping and expecting to pick up AT LEAST 5 seats, which will be difficult as polls show us only picking up 2-3.  We would need about five seats to take over the majority.  However, some conservatives believe that getting up to 9 wins is possible.

The Republican Problem Here.

In Virginia, we have had a problem with “conservative” republicans locking up key legislation in committee, because they don’t want to have to vote for it on the floor.  Thus, we have a two-pronged goal this election cycle.  (1) Choose the right republican candidates that are true believers and (2) elect those republicans. 

Our Candidates.

Here are our guys that need to win in order for us to take back the Senate.  I won’t be discussing great candidates that will win their race.  I only want to mention people that need our help.  My website only endorses candidates that are 100% pro-life and who I believe will be fiscally responsible no matter the consequences, so I am not necessarily endorsing every one of these candidates, but if they are on here — they are pretty good and need money, support, and if you’re in Virginia, door-knocking and votes. 


1.)     Tom Garret.  I like Tom Garret a lot.  I have met him personally and I believe he is one of us.  My local tea party endorsed him in a five-way republican primary where every candidate was pretty conservative.  But he came out as the most conservative.  He was endorsed by our Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, who is the gold-standard of conservatism here in Virginia.  Kuccinelli is the guy who in two years time, has challenged global warming funding at UVA, sued the federal government over Obamacare in federal court and cracked down on abortion clinics that were performing surgeries under the same guidelines as a check-up clinic rather than a facility performing surgeries.  The Cuccinelli endorsement is a big deal.

Garret is an elected Commonwealth’s Attorney (prosecutor), a Christian and a U.S. veteran.  He is 100% pro-life, meaning he believes in protecting human life even if that baby’s conception was a result of rape or incest.  He is NRA endorsed, and I believe he will be someone who stands for limited government and will refuse to pigeonhole conservative legislation in committee.  He is running in VA-22.  He is in a republican district, but he is going up against a democrat that has been here a long time and has a lot of money.

You can check him out and donate here: http://votetom.net/

2.) Ben Loyola.  Ben Loyala is running for Virginia state Senate.  I have never met him but I hear that he is a strong pro-life candidate.  He is strong on the Second Amendment, family values and his opposition to Obamacare.  Ben Loyola was endorsed by the Hampton Roads (Virginia’s coast close to Virginia Beach and Norfolk) Tea Party Alliance and won in a contested primary. 

Interestingly, Loyola’s parents escaped from communist Cuba with him while he was two years old.  He is someone that will truly appreciate and protect America’s freedoms.

You can check him out and donate here: http://www.benloyola.com/

3.)     Bill Stanley.  Billy Stanley is also running for Senate in Virginia.  I know he is a good republican candidate.  But I have also heard mixed reviews on Stanley.  I have not decided to endorse him yet.  I will be checking him out in the weeks to come.

You can check him out and make your own call here: http://billstanleyforsenate.com/

4.)     Dick Black.  Dick Black has been endorsed by true conservative believers, Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli and State Senator Bob Marshall.  This guy sponsored the parental notification abortion law that we now have in Virginia.  I believe in this guy and so should you.

Check him out and donate here: http://www.dickblack4senate.com/

5.)     Patricia Phillips.  Patricia Phillips has gotten help from tea party groups around the state and has even been endorsed by . . . wait for it . . . Stephen Baldwin.  I assume she would vote the party line when necessary and help us take back the Senate.  However, I am not sure she is one of us and I will be taking a careful look at her in the weeks to come. 

You can check her out and make your own call here: http://www.patriciaphillips.org/issues/

6.)     Adam Light.  Adam Light is running for Senate in 38th district in Southwest Virginia.  He is active in his local tea party, 100% pro-life, pro-gun, pro-job creation and anti-tax.  Light is NRA endorsed.  He understands how badly southwest Virginia needs jobs and I believe he will work to bring jobs out there. 

Check him out here: http://www.lightforsenate.com/index.php

7.)     Miller Baker.  Miller Baker is running in the 39th district in the very liberal Fairfax Virginia.  He is vague in his stand on social issues.  Therefore, I cannot personally endorse him.  But he has a great transportation plan which, if you’ve ever sat in traffic for three hours, you know parts of northern Virginia badly need.  He has a great plan for transparency in legislative voting which we badly need.  He is a Fairfax republican.  Republicans from Fairfax help expand a majority but they often times tarnish the brand with bad liberal votes.  I will be getting more information on him soon.

Check him out and make up your own mind here: http://millerbaker.org/the-district.

8.) David Nutter.  David Nutter is running for Senate outside of Roanoke.  He was in the House for a few years.  His record doesn’t impress me.  He has a 100% Pro-life ranking, but he also has some support from NARAL over the years, which greatly troubles me.  There are too many pro-life republicans that also think they can be pro-choice when it is convenient.  Being pro-life is not something you turn on and turn off.  If you believe in life sometimes and abortion other times, you are pro-choice.  Likewise, his rankings on freedom of religion, environmentalism, labor and Second Amendment issues, are largely conservative but spotty, nonetheless.   

Nutter is a republican who would probably vote correctly most of the time, but I cannot endorse him.      

Check him out for yourself and make up your own mind here: http://www.davenutter.com/

Election November 8th.

If we will at least elect the conservative new candidates to the Senate this year, we will be in pretty good shape for the next two years and should be able to pass some conservative legislation.  Please support Virginia conservatives through donations, phone banking and prayer.  More in depth analysis coming next week.