Pro-life activists will lose with a President Romney.

I cannot stress this enough.  Mitt Romney is not one of us.  He is a sneaky snake that is constantly shedding his skin.  As Ted Kennedy said, in the 1994 Senate race, Mitt Romney is not pro-life or pro-choice, he is multiple choice.  If we elect a snake as our candidate we can’t be surprised when we get bitten.

Pro-life evangelicals who make up a tremendous faction of the Republican party are constantly told to sit in the back row and wait their turn for five supreme court justices to vote the way we want.  Meanwhile, America’s next generation is slaughtered by the millions.

At a labor Day forum, republicans were asked if they would use the 14th Amendment that clearly states that “no state deprive any person of LIFE, LIBERTY, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS.” 

Bachmann, Cain and Gingrich all said yes. 

Mitt Romney said NO, explaining that Congress passing a law with Constitutional ramifications would “precipitate a constitutional crisis between Congress and the Supreme Court.”  Romney does not give a flip about the life issue but cares more about allowing the Supreme Court to make the hard decisions.  He will do the same thing with Obamacare.

Likewise, Romney refused to sign the Susan B. Anthony pledge for life.  Why?  Because he isn’t one of us.

Romney expressed concern that the pledge called for stripping funding to abortion centers and hospitals, and that he couldn’t put fellow pro-aborts on his cabinet.   

Romney is not willing to fight for this issue, he never was, he never will.  If Romney is anything, he is Pro-Romney. 

If you are like me, then someone’s abortion record is not the only thing that you look at when evaluating a candidate.  However, it is the first thing, and when you fail it miserably you are out of contention.

The reason Romney’s views on this issue, knock him out of contention for every evangelical and every true conservative is simple.  First, this is an easy issue for conservatives.  Don’t kill innocent people.  If you can’t adhere to this principal then we obviously don’t share the same values.  Second, if you can switch back-and-forth and all over the place on an issue so simple a 5 year old can understand it, how can we trust you not to flip flop on your other new views?  We can’t trust this guy.  Conservative, redstate, grassroots republicans should not even consider this guy.  Third, Romney has no backbone.  He won’t accomplish anything on the life issue, he won’t work to repeal Obamacare, he won’t strip Planned Parenthood funding.  HE WILL DO NOTHING.

If we do vote for a snake, don’t be surprised if we get bit.