The Coalition for Irresponsibility on Wall St, is just the usual suspects.

For a few days now, protesters have been protesting on Wall Street.  They are protesting . . . greed?  While they are at it they should protest lust, anger, selfishness and other human qualities.  This is a stupid protest and I largely think it is top-down.  In any case, there are four things I would like to address on this issue.

One, as a radio talk show host called it last night, this is nothing more than a coalition for irresponsibility.  It is a group of students and disenfranchised people who are jobless or underemployed protesting for themselves specifically.  This is different than the tea party who was not marching for individual rights to benefit their own bottom line but to benefit their children and America as a whole.   These people want to tighten down on capitalism which would help the economy to bleed jobs, shrink the GDP, hurt the dollar and continue the recession.  These are college students and college students know everything. 

Two, the left finally sees the value of the tea party.  Yesterday, for the first time, Joe Biden said that this new movement wasn’t so different from the tea party.  Now that it favors the left, they see value in tea party protests.  They hope that their own tea party can sweep across America and give them a 60 seat majority in the House.  But again there is a major difference between these people and the tea party.  Hundreds of people have been arrested on Wall Street for breaking the law.  The tea party never got anyone arrested, they had permits, they brought their families and children.  The tea party was CIVIL disobedience.  These people are saying they were inspired by the Arab Spring.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault any Arab country for rising up against their dictators keeping them in poverty but we have to be careful  because we are Americans and we don’t get inspired by overthrowing governments.  If there was ever a government conservatives have wanted to overthrow it would be Obama and the 2009 Congress.  But in reading the redstate diaries at the time, it never even crosses a contributors mind.  Because we believe in America and our citizens’ ability to fix things when they go wrong.  Tea partiers protested for love of country, these kids protest for love of self.

Third, these are the usual suspects.  The reason the tea party movement was so remarkable was because it widened the conservative coalition, it wasn’t campaign operatives at these rallies alone, it was regular people dropping off their kids at football practice and going to the rally, taking their lunch break from their job or bringing their families with them.  They did it to show their families and kids what patriotism was all about.  The people marching weren’t the millionaires or the welfare crowd, it was truly a main street protest.  Not so, with this latest protest by Michael Moore and his college-aged minions, these protesters . . . are the usual suspects.  This isn’t made up of regular Americans across our land.  This is made up of college kids looking to hook up with other college co-eds for a liberal cause.  It isn’t impressive when you go to a rally because you have nothing else to do.  It is impressive when people raising families and working 40-50 hours find the time to get involved.    

Fourth, the message is not consistent.  The tea party was protesting the bailouts and overspending.  There was no question.  These kids are protesting greed?  Greed is a negative human trait and you cannot protest it anymore than you can protest against lust or malice or selfishness or coveting, which is something all of these people are struggling with.  They keep saying they are protesting against “corporate greed,” but greed and human beings are mixed and you can’t separate the two.  It is human nature to want more for yourself and your family.  This is a fact of life.  However, what makes capitalism the “worst system, except for all the rest” (to paraphrase Winston Churchill’s description of government), is that it uses human greed for the benefit of humanity overall.  Our desire to better our own lives by working hard and prospering also benefits the rest of society.  If we took 80% of what corporate CEO’s made, we would no longer get the best overall scenario for society.  College students don’t understand this fact. 

I doubt these protests will last or spread, if they are even real at all.  But it reminds us of the battle out there for the heart and soul of America and the need our children have to be taught personal responsibility and right from wrong.  So grab your gear, because 2012 is almost here and we are going into battle.