Romney has shot himself in the foot with Hispanics.

Yesterday, Romney, aka, Mr. Centrist, released his immigration plan which is meant as a counter point to Rick Perry.  Rick Perry, being a governor of the largest border state, says that it would be almost impossible and extremely expensive to put a fence all the way across the border.  Perry says that even if you had a fence, you would still need “boots on the ground” to patrol the fence.  Mitt Romney, who was the governor of a state that shared no border with Mexico says we need a fence. 

Perry, as governor of a state that has illegal hispanics flooding their state, signed a bill that gave the same tuition benefits to sons and daughters of illegals as other Texas citizens.  Mitt Romney, the governor of a state with .05% hispanics, chose not to.  Now he wants you to think he has guts.  Too bad he didn’t have the guts to veto Romneycare.

In any case, aren’t these stark contrasts between Perry and Romney?  That is what the Romney camp is preaching and what they want you to believe.  But the only stark contrast between these candidates, isn’t so much what they believe, but where they have come from. 

Mitt Romney is someone who has never had to deal with immigration.  It is easy for him to defend his record from Mass., he began running for President half way through his first term.  But Perry wasn’t running for President until THIS year.  He had people that he had to deal with in Texas and a political talking point wasn’t going to do them justice. 

Perry had a large population of hispanics he had to look out for, and he did and I am ok with that.

Romney had a large population of liberals he had to look out for, and he did and I am NOT ok with that.

Romney has just lost the hispanic vote in 2012.  Rick Perry still has a chance to WIN the hispanic vote.  Obama is weak on this issue.  He has done nothing for hispanics.  George Bush tried harder for them than Obama did.  They are a generation of voters ripe for the republican picking.  Let’s face it, conservatives should be embracing hispanic voters not scaring them away.  This will be the largest voting demographic very soon.  These people’s sons and daughters were born here and are citizens that are growing towards he age of 18, voting age.  These people are here.  We don’t need to take a hard stand AGAINST them.  We need to stand WITH them and make sure this never happens again. 

As for Mitt Romney, he is like this tall piece of grass blowing in the wind.  Is there one person out there that thinks Romney would be taking this position if Perry wasn’t on the other side?

Let me be clear:  Mitt Romney will PROBABLY lose to Barack Obama in 2012.  People cannot trust this guy.  Republicans will hold their nose and vote for him.  Conservatives may not vote for him in droves.  Independents may return to Obama with such a weak candidate.  I wouldn’t even buy a used car from Romney because he would tell me whatever I wanted to hear and people can see that. 

When “independents” start going toward Obama again and people wonder why, it will be because there is something about Romney that seems insincere that they will be unable to put their finger on, but will be there nonetheless. 

I applaud Perry standing firm.  Just when you thought Romney had pandered on every issue, he took it up a notch.  I am ashamed of Romney doing more pandering.