Barack Obama’s War on Success & His Myth of the “Fair Share.”

Barack Obama has unveiled his plans for paying for his Stimulus 2.0.  He is going to be taking more money from the highest earning workers and job creators in order to create government programs to hire people that aren’t working.  He is FINALLY going to make those lazy S.O.B.’s “pay their fair share.” 

But there is one thing that really bothers me.  Obama has declared war on people bringing in a million dollars a year.  That is fine.  That is what he does.  But the democrat talking point is that, “we want them to pay their fair share.”

Currently, the top 1% of wage earners generate 40% of the income taxes in this country.  

If you and I were to go on a trip with 98 other people and you had to pay for 40% of the entire trip, don’t you think you would be paying your “fair share?”  Wouldn’t everyone else be getting a free ride?  If the people on that trip represent our country, then 50 people on the ride won’t have to pay a nickel (of income tax), so the remaining 49 people would pick up 60% of the tab.  Half of all Americans are already getting a free ride.

The President is not concerned with “who is paying their fair share” but if he was, he should be declaring war on the poor.  Because if you want to get down to it, they are the ones not carrying their fair share of the weight.  Obviously, that would be ridiculous.  But it is just as ridiculous to accuse our most successful workers of not giving enough. 

When will Obama stop taking?  What is a fair share for a successful businessman to pay?  We sometimes forget that a paycheck represents the blood, sweat, tears, time away from one’s family, time away from one’s hobby, and time away from relaxing or going to your son’s baseball game, or working on a boat, or going fishing with your grandfather or taking your daughter out to see an opera or taking your wife out for a romantic dinner.  Paychecks are earned through hard work.  When the president talks about wanting to take away over 50% of someone’s paycheck, he is talking about taking their life.  He is taking their time that they sacrificed for, because he can use it better. 

Most people in poverty are there legitimately through little fault of their own.  But many people in poverty chose not to take time away from other things and have reaped the benefits of a closer family, better relationships, or more time in front of the T.V.  At the expense of finances. 

Obama needs to be careful about declaring war on success.  Much of that success is not afraid to leave the country. 

It is amazing, one week after blaming republicans for not helping the government to create jobs, which is an oxymoron, he is not out there again trying to destroy jobs.  This president is a complete loser.

Democrats like to bash the idea of cutting spending.  But this isn’t Obama’s money to raise taxes on.  Him and Warren Buffet should do whatever they want to do with their money.  But taking other people’s money isn’t the answer.  We should cut entitlements and defense.  That way you don’t have to take anyone’s money who rightly earned it.

This is a terrible idea and republicans won’t let him pass it.  I guess the base will get excited, but independents won’t.  He is going to lose in 2012.  Until then, he is going to ruin the economy and give happy campaign speeches the entire time.  Looking at him, you can’t help but wonder if he may be campaigning to be the worst president of all time, certainly of my lifetime.