New York Times liberal cowardly attacks Bush as "fake hero" on 9/11

Paul Krugman who is a far-left liberal writing for the far-left New York Times Newspaper, called George W. Bush a “fake hero” yesterday for “cashing in” on 9/11.  I don’t agree with a lot of what Bush did, no one does (except Sean Hannity), but at the end of the day George W. Bush handled the tragedy with care, faith and true leadership.  Bush did use it to go into unnecessary wars, and instead of the minority party stopping him as republicans (that Krugman hates so much) have done to Obama, democrats cheered him on the entire way.  He made mistakes. 

I don’t agree with the entire Bush doctrine.  We have lost too many American lives and too many American freedoms — Republicans are largely responsible for that and neo-cons are paying with the tea party.  But in every other way, George W. Bush made sure that Americans were never attacked again.  Say what you will about W., but Bush kept Bin Laden off balance and Americans safe in the literal sense.  Krugman doesn’t have to care about what would have been, because he is just a newspaper columnist, not a leader, but if there is one thing Bush was not, it was a “fake hero.”

President Bush inspired us without teleprompters, that is something Paul Krugman will never be able to understand.