Two sides of the same coin: Unions & Democrats.

Yesterday, President Obama spent the day kissing the asses of union employees instead of helping to create jobs for the people that do not even have the choice to join a union — because they cannot find a job.  Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, in introducing the President, took aim at fellow Americans as enemies.  This is the legacy that our once proud union history has taken on.  Hoffa has declared war on the tea-party-sons-of-bitches.  But we need more jobs not more union benefits.  Unions have put more businesses under than any other entity (GM anyone?).  Hoffa and his crew are partially responsible for what has happened to the rust belt of America.  Instead of blaming tea partiers he should take a look in the mirror.  Hit the jump to see what he said and why its so hypocritical —

Hoffa talked about how the Tea Party had declared a war on workers.  Seriously, he said that conservatives were declaring war on workers.  But out of republicans and democrats, republicans are the party of workers.  Democrats are the party of entitlements for people not working.  Union bosses will play class warfare.  That is what they do.  Hoffa is not a serious person and he doesn’t have a serious understanding of the state of our country.  And he doesn’t care.

 Hoffa said, “President Obama, this is your army [union workers]. We [union workers] are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches [tea partiers = sons of bitches] out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

Hoffa is right on one thing, there is a major difference between tea partiers and union employees at rallies.  The purpose of a tea party rally is to better the country as a whole.  In no way can a tea party member receive financial benefit from supporting a tea party candidate.  Most of them don’t make that much money to begin with and thus aren’t paying taxes in the higher brackets.  The come out to show support for the country getting on the right track and candidates that support this view. 

Union workers on the other hand, are rallying not to save the country for our children, but to protect their own jobs and benefits.  When Hoffa speaks of a America where he belongs, he isn’t asking for us to balance our nation’s budget, he isn’t asking us to not mortgage our children’s future in fact he isn’t asking for anything that will benefit the American people as a whole.  Hoffa, a union employee, is trying to protect his union employees.  For Hoffa, it isn’t about America, her future or her overall wellbeing.  He is essentially a business man trying to get the best deal for his employees.  That’s it.  No patriotism.  Only business. 

No wonder the President makes such stupid decisions with people like counseling him.  Hoffa wants a war with the tea party.  Joe Biden wants calls them terrorists.  Hoffa better have his army ready, because we are coming for the Senate and White House.  Sadly for him, he is greatly outnumbered.